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socks5 proxy

2015-03-09 05:36    By:noober      View:140      Download:1

Code for creating a socks5 proxy in C#. Easy to use sourcecode. enjoy!...

CSharp C#


2015-02-02 22:21    By:dang0601      View:61      Download:1

Android use socket to send data to PC,PC-end socket receives and displays. File list: Socket_Server\.classpath   .............\.project   .............\.settings\org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs   .............\bin\TCPDesktopServer.class   .........


TcpListener and Tcpclient, and socket getting started

2015-03-30 09:31    By:kingdalai      View:62      Download:2

Tcp Listener and Tcp client and TCP protocols for socket to achieve the double communication,  solved threads dealing with part of the book's errors....

Socket C#


2014-12-10 07:21    By:kevin      View:35      Download:0

httpclient,spriderhttpclient,spriderhttpclient,spriderhttpclient,spriderhttpclient, spriderhttpclient,spriderhttpclient,spriderhttpclient,spriderhttpclient,spriderhttpclient,spriderhttpclient,spriderhttpclient, spriderhttpclient,spriderhttpclient,spriderhttpclient,spriderhttpclient,spriderhtt...

Java Development Java


2015-01-16 20:26    By:pangxq112      View:34      Download:0

IOCPclientTestIOCPclientTestIOCPclientTestIOCPclientTestIOCPclientTestIOCPclientTestIOCPclientTestIOCPclientTestIOCPclientTest IOCPclientTestIOCPclientTestIOCPclientTestIOCPclientTestIOCPclientTest...

Socket C++

Win32 Server client(TCP)

2015-03-05 02:17    By:小鑫      View:73      Download:1

With VC6 forwards a TCP client server applications send data...

Socket C++

DHCP client DHCP client source C language test by highly portable

2015-03-30 21:53    By:hcp2075      View:497      Download:0

DHCP client DHCP client source C language test by highly portable, dynamic access to dhcp server's IP address....

Linux programming C

Bluetooth client

2015-03-25 04:31    By:cfjan      View:121      Download:1

Bluetooth client is an android test apk for bluetooth feature. It can be used to test android smartphone solution. Testcase includes: Cancel While Searching SendFile MatchAndCancel Auto receiving Cancel While Receiving Call while tra...

Android Java

ftp client linux

12 hours ago    By:angle009      View:126      Download:0

Implementing FTP client functionality on Linux...

ftp C


2015-02-21 17:49    By:下一站幸福      View:32      Download:0

VC prepared by the SIP proxy server, no additional libraries, compile VC prepared directly SIP proxy server, no additional library is directly compiled...

VoIP C++

proxy Protocol Description

2014-12-04 17:07    By:ziiiori      View:26      Download:0

proxy Protocol description, SOCKET4, 5, HTTP ... proxy Protocol description, SOCKET4, 5, HTTP ......

Document Delphi


2014-12-23 05:08    By:p731504193899      View:21      Download:0

Changes: 1. IP ToS support (L7 HTTP QoS) was added. 2. Internal 32-bit limitations were eliminated for file size and time counter. 3. UID/GID and PID provisions were added for daemon operation. 4. A limiter was added for simultaneous connections. 5. A new error/warning syste...

Windows C++

Ntpclient source

2015-03-18 22:05    By:migohon      View:46      Download:0

NTPclient source ntpclient_2010_365.tar, can be used to compile and is used to specify the NTP server school...

Linux programming C

MultiThread client/Server

2015-03-01 00:27    By:hcc      View:61      Download:0

client/Server 執 mind marvelously more workers within a program, fully furnished accommodation brief description easy to order and implement file 傳 document, and MultiThread client/Server Sample code, implement simple command parse and file transfer...


FTP client based on lwip classic course

2015-03-09 08:36    By:huakaiqiyue      View:81      Download:0

How to get FTP features in embedded systems, realization of information interaction with the server, FTP client based on lwip c program solving this problem, the program's limited capacity, but the achievement of FTP functions very well and has a very wide range of applications in submerged systems,...



2014-11-23 19:23    By:fanruo      View:22      Download:0

SQLite desktop database currently use more convenient. If you are using remote access SQLite databases. Simple test procedure which is SQLite client procedures, use the netSqlite interface. Meet the sqlie server code, to be able to access SQLite data on a remote server....

DataBase C++

HTTP client

2014-12-11 00:30    By:alger      View:24      Download:0

A simple HTTP client implementation, providing Http connection pool management. Very streamlined and effective....

Web Browser C++

dropbox client for windows phone 8

2014-12-17 06:38    By:luckydiver      View:98      Download:0

A Windows Phone 8 application that helps youTake a pictureChoose a filenameStore it on dropbox All with minimal user interaction.Made purely for my own purposes. Code quality is pretty awful, but the thing works. If you're a MVVM nazi, this code will give you the shivers....

Windows C#


2014-12-16 03:20    By:haiyan_qi      View:22      Download:0

The Async client is a component from the Clever Internet Suite library. This component represends asynchronous TCP client which works in background without interfering with the main application thread....

Socket C++
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