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NumericalMethods in engineering withMATLAB  R is a text for engineering students and a reference for practicing engineers, especially those who wish to explore the power and efficiency of MATLAB. The choice of numerical methods was based on their relevance to engineering problems.Ever...

software engineering

ASP Online Exam, this is a quizzing website pulling question from question bank database [SQL Server 2000]. it also has a very useful set of administrator tools where in the admin can create new new Exams, monitor students performance generate reports and update question bank database. code...

embeded device reverse engineering tools

Quoted from the author Igor Skochinsky In July I had the honor to speak at the Recon conference in Montreal, Canada. It was my first conference but I really liked the experience. I hope I'll be able to attend it in future. The presentations were recorded and hopefully will appear on the R...

USB video capture program (software:LabVIEW)

provide simple uses of the webcam library are included in the zip file. Once the library has been installed, the examples can be accessed through the user menu on the function palette in LabVIEW. The examples demonstrate the following: • Single shot image capture and display • Continuous ima...

Billing software Source Code

Billing software in Javait contains the following modules,Items ManagementCustomers ManagementStock ManagementBilling ManagementPurchase ManagementStore ManagementInventory Management...

Medical Store software

It is the complete medical shop management software is so designed as to ease the work load of medical shop professionals. The main feature includes invoicing, inventory and stock control, accounting, client and vendor management.               This software h...

Serial port software

LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation engineering Workbench, laboratory virtual instrumentation engineering Workbench) is a United States national instruments graphical programs compile platform developed by the company, inventor of jiefu·Kao degrees, his (Jeff Kodosky), due to the special La...

Automated Quiz software

It is a software to test basic aptitude skill of the user. The database used is MS Access and The front end is VB .NET....

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