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Smart card logon COM credentials code under Windows 7

Under the smart card logon win7 COM credentials code, this component through the registry (see annex) will register the component to the system, Log in or locked when the system will load this credential....

vcard file parsing

vcard format file parsing, Demo with VC development...

Winscard dll that sends and receives APDU commands to a smart card.

Winscard dll that sends and receives APDU commands to a smart card. In C origianl SmartcardIO By Andrew Fernandes...

inventory managemebt

this code uses basic c files to store customer purchase details and transaction details .it uses two classes for time ,date and calculating vat....

2013-11-24 03:30
by niks

The hotel information management

The hotel information management information management system for a hotel, main administrative user check amount and calculation of the consumption of housing...

Gaussian Mixture cardinalized Probability Hypothesis Density Filter

Particle filters or Sequential Monte Carlo (SMC) methods are a set of on-line posterior density estimation algorithms that estimate the posterior density of the state-space by directly implementing the Bayesian recursion equations. SMC methods use a grid-based appr...

Aadhar card

Java jsp projects source code on Aadhar project: Aadhar concept is used to generate a unique identification number for Indian citizens. It is just like a Social Security card (SSN) in USA. Previously we don’t have an unique identity number in India. The Indian citizens are identified by using...

2014-08-28 04:53

Android cardVD weather widget

Here is a source code of weather (+radio freq, + o'clock) widget from cardVD android 4.2.2 (JB) firmware. This is a good sample for research weather widget working principles....

2014-10-05 02:32

JOS Lab 2: Memory management


2014-10-30 03:39

credit card number in TSQL' target='_blank'>Luhn's formula to validate a credit card number in TSQL

This UDF will validate a credit card number using Luhn's formula. Input: credit card number Output: true if valid credit card number Source: Luhn algorithm or Luhn formula, also known as the "modulus 10" or "mod 10" algorit...

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