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"Mastering matlab image processing" M file _ entry required _matlab image processing

2015-03-09 09:45    By:zhangxiaochao      View:116      Download:0

"Mastering matlab image processing," a book CD-ROM content, a total of 18 chapters, containing instructions for use. In the form of the M-file organization, entry required _matlab image processing...

Matlab Matlab


2015-03-24 08:03    By:aswini      View:188      Download:1

Support Vector Machine (SVM) was first heard in 1992, introduced by Boser, Guyon, and Vapnik in COLT-92. Support vector machines (SVMs) are a set of related supervised learning methods used for classification and regression. They belong to a family of generalized linear classifiers. In another te...

Matlab Matlab

image processing dct using in matlab

2015-02-28 07:41    By:khiemspdt      View:110      Download:1

image processing dct using in matlab for jpeg image. Mohammed Mustafa Siddeq He is working on Software Engineering Dept. – Technical College – Kirkuk – IRAQ. He is appointed as a researcher and lecturer in the same college. He working on digital image processing by using matlab and...

Matlab Matlab

matlab image transformation

2015-03-10 05:30    By:happyong      View:34      Download:0

This program is the basis of matlab image transformation, including: the Radon transform of the imageimage Fourier transform discrete cosine transform of the image, and so on....

Matlab Matlab

matlab image processing Foundation

2014-12-26 20:38    By:happyong      View:45      Download:0

This program is matlab image processing basics, including: conversion of image type; image file read and write video file reads and writes....

Matlab Matlab

matlab image restoration technique

2015-03-14 04:18    By:happyong      View:43      Download:1

This program is matlab image restoration based on content, including: image restoration technique introduced noise model spatial filtering in rehabilitation; image restoration method....

Matlab Matlab

matlab image segmentation technology

2015-03-21 13:08    By:happyong      View:75      Download:0

This program is matlab image segmentation technology based content, including: edge segmentation; threshold segmentation technology; segmentation techniques....

Matlab Matlab

code watermarking dct-svd using matlab

2015-03-27 09:51    By:basz      View:162      Download:4

This is code matlab for watermarking using combining discrete cosine transform and singular value decomposition, so text, file or image, embedding to digital image using dct-svd, and then extract using dct-svd too...

Matlab Matlab

dct algorithms C++

2015-03-26 10:35    By:yelangchuanshuo      View:98      Download:2

dct for discrete Fourier transform (Discrete Fourier Transform), c + + source code implementation.  Simple and efficient....

Algorithm C++

Weighted image fusion algorithm matlab source code

2015-03-24 08:56    By:a2368699078      View:187      Download:2

加权图像融合算法的matlab源代码,包括IHS,PCA Fusion,主要运用在GSM中卫星图像处理,里面有例子图片,可以清晰的看见处理效果。...

Image Processing Matlab

LSB algorithm of digital image information hiding, matlab

2015-03-12 22:34    By:PP_521      View:98      Download:3

This is the LSB algorithm matlab source code, you can implement image information hiding, with very good results. Welcome to download and try. Thank you all for your support!...

Matlab Matlab

matlab image processing functions

2015-02-05 08:30    By:18686518921      View:13      Download:0

matlab image processing provides multiple functions for image manipulation functions directives and instructions,  with a simple example. Covers filtering, Fourier Transforms, and other common operations....

Algorithm Matlab

matlab image enhancement filter

2015-03-24 21:11    By:a545237988      View:111      Download:2

Filter image enhancement algorithm matlab program. Given my own program code...

Matlab Matlab

Fuzzy k-means algorithm and matlab realization

2015-03-10 01:21    By:njwhat      View:76      Download:0

Fuzzy k-means algorithm derived from the k-means algorithm. In the course of k-means algorithm for clustering, the result may not be the expected result, but the boundaries of the category is clear, of cluster centers under the current modified sample. Fuzzy k-means algorithm for clustering in the p...

Matlab Matlab

matlab image 顯 follows stub du Xie

2014-12-02 07:30    By:Yu Lin Wong      View:16      Download:0

matlab image format most often led into indexed images (Indexed images) Obviously as shown in this image type grammar is as follows: image(X) colormap(map) Where x because of image information Matrices, Pan map into color Matrices. Pan size of Matrices into Kx3, each consist of three GE GE H...

Matlab Matlab

A clustering algorithm for matlab

2015-03-26 14:25    By:mlx611      View:71      Download:1

Clustering algorithms in matlab developed by a, Briefly looked at this article in the journal, the clustering algorithm called breadth-neighbor search algorithm. There are several definitions: 1. Data matrix。 This is a m row 2 column matrix, line number m= number unspecified elements,...

Matlab Word

matlab image processing codes

2 hours ago    By:yueqiaohuayuan      View:2307      Download:65

matlab language for image processing, such as image open, heavy, closed, vertical mirror image, horizontal mirror, gray scale, and color histogram equalization, image enhancement, smoothing and sharpening, plus noise, such as salt and pepper noise Gaussian noise, multiplicative noise, Poisson noise...

Matlab Matlab

Genetic algorithm in matlab

11 hours ago    By:zahra      View:144      Download:1

This is an implementation of genetic algorithm in matlab. Welcome to download. Thank you for support....

Algorithm Matlab

Graph algorithms and matlab realization

2015-03-19 00:40    By:allen      View:40      Download:0

This is the graph-theoretic algorithm and matlab implementation portion of the code in the book, in greater detail, lazy students can take a look, and this book treats all graph theory algorithm realization is good, but there are some small problems....

Matlab Matlab
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