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stm32-based voice storage and playback

4 hours ago    By:lihanxuan93      View:224      Download:1

This program use the stm32 's internal AD sample as well as DA for voice storage and playback, sampling rate is 8khz and can be detected by timer 2 CCS pins, in AD stored numbers directly into SRAM, DA for playback....


Example code for stm32 Discovery Board F3

6 minutes ago    By:STMNinja      View:8929      Download:1

This code provides just a few examples of using some of the features of the stm32. It includes code for servo's, general PWM, Analog input and basic I/O. The code is fully functional with the stm32 Discovery Board F3 and allows for an easy introduction to the stm32 Processor used on the Discovery bo...


stm32 processor> example code

6 minutes ago    By:hailong710      View:1924      Download:2

<embedded real-time operating system μC/OS-Ⅱ classical examples- based on stm32 processor> example code, is the source code of the examples in this book, it is very helpful for μ-C/OS-II and the stm32 beginners, also can be used as reference to project development....



2014-11-27 01:33    By:Cavsle      View:166      Download:1

demonstration on the stm32F4DISCOVERY board,stm32F4x7_ETH_LwIP_V1.0.0,https://bitbucket.org/blackbird745/stm32f4-webserver/src,The project I’ve uploaded is actually a modified version of the ST released standalone httpserver -- to be found in: ...

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stm32F4x7 ETH LwIP

2014-11-27 10:07    By:fengqinglingting      View:201      Download:2

stm32F4x7 V1.1.0 LwIP V1.4.1 The file system This program contains two modes, RTOS and run naked models in support of TCP,UDP Server-side and client-side programs, include all callback routines...

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Based on stm32pm2.5 driven

2014-11-27 04:14    By:buqingyun      View:27      Download:0

Based stm32 drive pm2.5 detectors, and outputs the analog signal into a digital signal by the AD, and finally uploaded through the serial port on the pc, for further processing....

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stm32F407IG transplant FreeRTOS success

9 hours ago    By:zhenyuan0304      View:84      Download:0

This source code is integrated online tutorials,  successfully  transplanted FreeRTOS (1.4.0) operating system onto stm32F4, detailed source notes, I believe are generally able to read can be prepared for the later development, transplant only needs to modify the GPIO LED to runs...

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stm32 hardware I2C program

5 hours ago    By:wangxiaoxin198985      View:103      Download:2

This code is in the stm32f072 hardware platform, complete hardware I2C procedures, code debugging is successful, and page function: EEPROM is AT24C02 only 32 pages, each page can only write 8 bytes....

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UCGUI stm32 transplantation

15 hours ago    By:mhming      View:245      Download:0

Thanks WZT shared ucGUI portable document, I transplanted a detailed record is first, for the beginner to refer to: 1, open the debugged TFTLCD test procedure (here is the open "ALIENTEK MINIstm32 10 TFTLCD display experiments") of the project folder, the folder where you create ucGUI. Because...



2014-11-27 08:37    By:fishermanljh      View:40      Download:0

The main achievement of various stm32 MCU peripheral functions namely, the basic configuration, including the stm32 USART communications and timer timer, NVIC interrupt priority, and PWM wave input *, the output capture, as well as I2C data communications....

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stm32 SPI mutual communication (DMA) V3.5

2014-11-27 08:36    By:zsjinwei      View:91      Download:1

stm32 SPI mutual communication (DMA) V3.5 two stm32 SPI interface, a slave, a master machine, DMA, fast....

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stm32 uCOS2.86 uCGUI3.90

7 hours ago    By:gc5084      View:109      Download:2

Full source code version uCOSII2.86+uCGUI3.90 on a stm32 transplants, with uCGUI3.9 source...

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stm32 quadrature encoder program

10 hours ago    By:我相信5自己      View:73      Download:0

stm32 quadrature encoder program used to detect Rotary movement system of position and velocity. Quadrature encoder can achieve closed-loop control for a variety of motor control applications such as switched reluctance motor and AC induction motors....

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stm32f103 + DM9051 uIP driver

2014-11-27 09:07    By:SpenserTsai      View:42      Download:0

stm32f103 connected with DM9051 by SPI interface. Supporting uIP tcp/ip stack and Web Server. DM9051 is a 10/100 SPI to Fast Ethernet controller. ...

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freeRTOS Template for stm32F1xx with Keil

6 hours ago    By:schopf16      View:49      Download:1

freeRTOS ported to stm32F1xx with stm32F10x_StdPeriph_Driver and freeRTOS V7.6.0 -- Mikrocontroller-Konfiguration -- De selected microcontroller has to be defined either in the file "stm32f10x.h" or in the  compiler options (preprocessor symbol). The desired CPU cloc...

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stm32f10 iap

16 hours ago    By:pdabug      View:28      Download:1

Base on offical AN2557,applicating in acutal running project. stm32 IAP support Ymodem protocol serial download by serial command...

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The stm32 motor control program

7 hours ago    By:cjjioecas      View:98      Download:3

stm32 microcontroller, motor control, brushless DC motor, not including PID control...

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timer - stm32F103

2014-11-27 22:46    By:x!co      View:37      Download:0

Simple example how to configure stm32F1 timers , with Toggle and PWM functionality. ...

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stm32f4 - Basic support for developing with the stm32F4 Discovery board

2014-11-27 19:08    By:gregkam      View:4234      Download:0

stm32f4 - Basic support for developing with the stm32F4 Discovery board Copy config.mk.example to config.mk Set TOOLCHAIN to the prefix for your arm cortex-m4 toolchain Set FREERTOS_PATH to the path to your FreeRTOS source Type make Kit Ex...

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stm32 library function firmware library

12 hours ago    By:gaozhong43      View:172      Download:0

stm32 peripheral library, also known as previous versions or simply, firmware firmware function library, is a firmware function package, it is composed of programs, data structures and macros, including all external peripherals microcontroller performance characteristics. The library also includes t...

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