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login in struts2 with database connectivity

Using struts2 framework a login is done with database. And also its uses a model programming like dao(database access object), dto(data transfer object)....

struts2+Spring+ibatis test source code

struts2+Spring+ibatis test source code, getting started is a good helper to help beginners quickly learn Struts+Spring+ibatis pattern frame...

An integrated SSH login system

Using struts2,hibernate3 and Spring3 combine development, provides simple registration and login functions, and deletion of user change search functions, registration and login verification using JavaScript for the front end. Development environment for win7+MyEclipse10. Hope you readers comment....

struts2 and hibernate3 developed login screen

Using a simple login page and check registration struts2 and hibernate3 development.  The project implementation is achieved through a registered user login. Please create  when you run the project in the oracle database users, and create user table. For details see the project...

struts2+jdbc complete guestbook

Application backgroundBased on the struts2+jdbc message boards, only to bring convenience to the beginner, to enable them to be familiar with the struts2 framework!Key Technologystruts2+jdbc, including landing, registration, messages and other functions, personal items, all must be able to run dry c...

struts2-UMS login registration verification

Application backgroundUse the plug-in JDBC/struts2/jquery-validator, covering the concept of struts2 interceptor, the verification framework, struts2- background check data correctness (interceptor to intercept length of checking user name, enter the mailbox is correct, action check verification cod...

struts2+hibernate+Bootstrap+Myeclipse health monitoring platform

Application backgroundUsing the Bootstrap framework, the use of struts2+hibernate to build a health monitoring platform...

struts2+Hibernate+Spring+MySQL shopping site

Reception1 member function: Member, modify member information;After you log on to the system you can buy goods, into the shopping cart (modify the shop number, delete the contents of the shopping cart), continue shopping, and finally confirm the order, online payment required for selected items for...

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