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Sales Monitoring system vb.net

2015-02-25 08:04    By:r4z0r      View:64      Download:0

Sample of sales monitoring without any database. This system can login with 3 accounts, the Administrator, the Cashier 1 & Cashier 2. This system has restriction that only the Administrator authorize to view their sales and remaining number of items in inventory. It also has a Sales Transaction...


vb.net source code

2015-02-12 05:48    By:speedo001      View:123      Download:2

this code in image processing which work with accord.net and image implementationrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

vb.net VB


2015-01-14 00:46    By:kamer      View:45      Download:0

vb.net e-book, which details the basic syntax introduced various controls for use, and how to develop windowsAPI program, for people to learn vb programming, this is a very good information....

Windows VB

Save or print a form's image with or without decoration in vb .net

2014-11-27 01:07    By:isha      View:388      Download:0

This project shows how to save or print a form's image with or without decoration in vb .net. The program uses the BitBlt API function to copy the form's image into a bitmap. It can then save or print the image. This project provides some nice routines to capture and manip...

CSharp VB

vb.net database basic

2015-01-07 11:23    By:gaurav      View:46      Download:0

This code demonstrates basic operation performed in visual studio 2010 vb.net with sql database. It shows the operations like insert ,update,delete and retrieving data in different manners . it also shows concepts like namespace,classes, basic controls,method,reusablity of methods i...

Windows VB

vb.net Web Number Extractor

2014-11-20 15:07    By:shehryarmemon      View:29      Download:0

Easy to use Web Data Extractor In vb.net.That Can Easily Grab Cell Number From Bolee.com.It Will Be Useful for those who are interested in making Web Data Extractor.Used Some Third Part Libraries But They Are Open Source.Program Has To Extract Links From Web Page Then It Can Start Extracting Number...

Windows VB

Get the color of a certain point on the screen using vb. net

2014-12-23 06:23    By:thought      View:111      Download:0

The code is written in vb.net a form screen color grabber, the x, y coordinates of the screen can be set manually in the text box of the form, note cannot exceed the size of the screen, with VS2005, after you open the project, and can be run directly....


vb.net Chinese chess game source code

2015-01-16 03:59    By:10256      View:27      Download:0

This is a vb.net programs that run directly, was I prepared, and after a lot of debugging a modified, and ultimately achieve the desired results. Program's robustness is better, stronger code readability. Most effective cases, further development could serve as a basis for development use only. If t...

Windows VB

Encryption vb.net

2014-12-16 04:18    By:adji      View:19      Download:1

This project just for generate Local Id of Processor, This using Visual Basic .net 2010. We create any structure binary of processor ID and then we encryption on 16bit....

Windows VB

registeration system with ms access 2007 database in vb.net

2015-02-06 01:58    By:srividhya      View:4133      Download:0

This project is consist of registration system with ms access database. The database contains username,password, firstname and lastname. the code are in vb.net....

DataBase VB

vb.net Game Development code

2015-02-06 02:03    By:donglong8@163.com      View:51      Download:1

//vb game development code, containing the game's specific algorithms, interface display, called the game engine handles....

Windows VB

vb. net through the camera reads QR code examples

2014-12-16 08:58    By:why69242      View:51      Download:2

vb. net by reading the QR code example cameras,http://www.codefans.net/sort/list_9_4.shtml Learning...

print VB

Work attendance management system vb

2015-02-19 06:00    By:fredchen      View:286      Download:0

It is developed with vb 6.0 + Access checking attendance management system, applied research associates. This system including, attendance management, analysis of clock. But does not include payroll calculation module....

VB 考勤管理 VB

Expert system vb6

2015-02-16 18:23    By:as5564      View:120      Download:1

Expert system implemented on Visual Basic 6.0. This expert system recognize engine failure based on engine symptom. ...

Expert System VB

Alumni systems (ASP.net 3.5 implementation)

2015-02-23 00:20    By:笑傲浆糊      View:92      Download:0

The basic functions of the program Alumni system, through the operation of the database, perfected the Alumni of all features, easy beginner to refer to the study, can also be modified by the general framework to achieve their function modules you want to add. I hope you can pass this little program...

Windows C++

student registration system

2015-01-23 00:30    By:Vijay      View:43      Download:0

To develop a software application that supports the application specific to the HR automation in anintranet specific to a company there by allowing the integration of all theemployees pertaining to that organization. To keep track of all the other departments related to that organization such as mar...

Java Development Java

student Management system Project in Asp.net

2015-02-23 02:44    By:rahul.ritee.raipur      View:189      Download:2

student Management system (SmS) is a web-based application for students, faculty, academic staff and parents who want to get and retrieve student’s whole information instantly via internet. The major benefit of this web portal is to store the students information at one place (like SERVER) and...


Library management system vb source code

2015-01-24 09:43    By:46132222      View:82      Download:0

A full range of library management system, vb source code, written by, can also function, please support!!!!! A full range of library management system, vb source code, written by, can also function, please support!!!!!...

software VB
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