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Lightweight embedded TCPip stack lwip

2015-10-04 01:05    By:chamchamgo      View:116      Download:0

Lwip is Light Weight (lightweight) TCPip stack, there is no operating system support to run. Lwip is in keeping the TCPip protocol for reaching the main functions on the basis of reduced RAM consumption, it takes only a dozen KB of RAM and ROM 40K can run, this makes Lwip protocol stack suitable for...


Sip video client

2015-10-31 04:51    By:下一站幸福      View:125      Download:6

Sip clients written in VC, used with Sip proxy server, no additional library files can be directly compiled...

VoIP C++


2015-09-02 03:24    By:下一站幸福      View:38      Download:0

VC prepared by the Sip proxy server, no additional libraries, compile VC prepared directly Sip proxy server, no additional library is directly compiled...

VoIP C++

Video conference based on Sip protocol source code

2015-11-23 23:27    By:ly_luo      View:231      Download:7

Video conference based on Sip protocol source, which contains the AudioConference,DSP,include,TestVideoConference,TestVoiceConference, VCodec_Xvid,VideoConference directory, the corresponding Sip and video conferencing users have very good help....

VoIP C++

FTP client based on lwip classic course

2015-11-17 19:45    By:huakaiqiyue      View:98      Download:0

How to get FTP features in embedded systems, realization of information interaction with the server, FTP client based on lwip c program solving this problem, the program's limited capacity, but the achievement of FTP functions very well and has a very wide range of applications in submerged systems,...


Adam Dunkel's Based uip with LPC2387 web server project + uip manual

2015-05-29 11:01    By:akaka      View:104      Download:0

A simple web server using Adam Dunkel's uip functions. The project compiled with Keil MDK-ARM Real View Compiler using LPC2387 mcu. It is also included the uip manual from Adam Dunkel's official site....

Embeded,TCP/IP C

Simple chat program using CAsyncSocket / C++, MFC / TCP/ip

2015-10-14 23:38    By:checkitout      View:304      Download:1

VC++ version of chat, including Server + client source code, peer to peer chat program, operation starts after the server default port 0, after client startup set the appropriate parameters....


SipP call script

2015-08-26 04:21    By:dirk1983      View:33      Download:1

SipP call script produced for Beijing Mobile project, mainly for user registration, call scripting, the practical application in the concurrent calls a test project of Beijing Mobile, very useful....

VoIP Others


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