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Filetest engineering

File read and write, edge detection algorithm, achieving mosaic test , video image mosaic detection algorithm based on grid expansion, simple test project, read or write files. To share....


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IOCPClienttestIOCPClienttestIOCPClienttestIOCPClienttestIOCPClienttestIOCPClienttestIOCPClienttestIOCPClienttestIOCPClienttest IOCPClienttestIOCPClienttestIOCPClienttestIOCPClienttestIOCPClienttest...

shortest path

Shortest path algorithms. Priority queue implementations. Faster. I wouldn't have posted such as stdafx. Posted only core code. Yourself a clean compile on the line. I tested myself, 60,000 points. 20duowantiao, calculate the single-source shortest path took dozens of points to other points of m, wh...


Nicht weiterlesen! Okay,,, eine doofe beschreibung... Man muss etwas hochladen, um etwas herunterladen zu können... So ein Scheiss!!!! Bla Noch mehr davon Immer noch mehr. Und das reicht Desweiteren... Ach, vergiss e...


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tesseract OCR SDK

tesseract OCR SDK to use Chinese Simplified Development Kit...

test stm 32 pre uspesny project

The SDES packet is a three-level structure composed of a header and zero or more chunks, each of of which is composed of items describing the source identified in that chunk. The items are described individually in subsequent sections. Each chunk consists of an SSRC/CSRC identifier followed by...

test Video.

Dxshow basic application, write the simple video player with dxshow, You can play a video file that can be decoded....

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