color=red>classification_colormap_pauli_C3,SAR images used for decomposition of pauliRGB display

2015-01-21 05:37    By:zwxzz      View:1160      Download:2

color=red>classification_colormap_pauli_C3,SAR images used for decomposition of pauliRGB display. After decomposition of polarimetric Imaging PauliRGB, the resulting three-component, encodes the tinted, collectively known as PauliRGB images....

Image Processing C++

using gabor feature extraction from image

2015-04-14 21:21    By:xinxihun      View:107      Download:0

The program is mainly aimed at analysis of computer vision image processing features, contains 4 Sub procedures, as follows: Gabo filter template displays the images in the gabor1.m:4 direction gabor2.m:4 direction of gabor filters the Lena is called top of the filter modulegabor.m: draws a gabor fi...

Matlab Matlab

gabor wavelet

2015-03-29 22:00    By:luoqiu6      View:34      Download:1

gabor Feature Extractor matlab Achieve with test-images gabor feature extraction process to achieve with matlab image test gabor wavelet for wavelet is quite useful, is the widespread use in recent years, researchers have used for image feature extraction based on wavelet. It has effectively...

Image Processing Matlab

Iris Recognition using gabor

2015-04-16 11:28    By:htbt      View:57      Download:1

Introduction ------------ I have made the MATLAB® source code for my system publicly available for research and testing purposes.  For details of the underlying scientific principles please download my dissertation, available on the main project  page. Limitati...

Matlab Matlab

color=red>texture color=red>classification

2015-04-06 11:02    By:jamal      View:32      Download:0

The goal of this post is to provide a brief overview of how color=red>texture information can be used to classify images using Matlab. Basically, what we want to do is to learn a color=red>texture classifier from a set of labeled images depicting color=red>textures. Then, we will use the learned classifier to provide a class lab...

Image Processing Matlab

gabor color=red>texture feature extraction

2015-04-16 05:05    By:zwguo9820141516      View:156      Download:3

gabor wavelet and the human visual system's response to visual stimuli is very similar to the simple cell. It has good properties in the local space and frequency domain information extracted target areas. Although not in itself constitute a gabor wavelet orthogonal basis, but in the specific parame...

Matlab Matlab

OpenCV gabor filtering programs

11 hours ago    By:翔天      View:89      Download:1

OpenCV in gabor wavelet procedures, including .c and .h files, the image is multi-directional, multi-scale filtering. Add more files to the project, calling cvgabor () function to achieve filtering, there are instructions in the function parameters, specifically to see the inside source files....

Image Processing C++

gabor filter

2015-04-09 10:42    By:keyvan90      View:52      Download:0

A gabor filter for image processing. From the comments and through my own use, the implementation seems to have limited freedom, and also the variances are defined in the original x,y instead of the rotated x', y' directions....

Matlab Matlab

gabor wavelet 2D gabor wavelet Transform and Inverse Transform

2015-03-25 04:50    By:折纸笔筒      View:72      Download:3

This Matlab script/application performs a 2D gabor wavelet Transform on an arbitrary image,displays the resulting transform, and then performs the inverse transform*slowly* and *sequentially* in animation, so that one can see how the originalimage is synthesized back by summing many gabor wavelets....

Matlab Matlab

gabor+PCA for PalmPrint recognition

2015-04-15 04:49    By:shuaijiankun      View:75      Download:3

Use gabor+PCA to identify the PalmPrint image, gabor transform belongs to the windowed Fourier transform, gabor functions can be used in the frequency domain extract relevant feature on different scales and in different directions. gabor  filter is similar to the frequency and direction of huma...

Matlab Matlab

gabor sparse coding of face recognition

2015-04-16 22:14    By:永不止步      View:86      Download:5

images by gabor transform feature extraction preprocessing, after acquiring the dimensionality effect data set, and then face recognition using sparse coding algorithms, robustness to face image with a very good, speed up processing speed, improve recognition accuracy, and has a very good effect, an...

Matlab Matlab

2D gabor Filter(Ver1,2,3)

2015-04-15 13:21    By:keyvan90      View:154      Download:1

Recent studies on Mathematical modeling of visual cortical cells [Kulikowski/Marcelja/Bishop:1982] suggest a  tuned band pass filter bank structure. These filters are found to have Gaussian transfer functions in the  frequency domain. Thus, taking the Inverse Fourier Transform...

Matlab Matlab

gabor kernels

2015-03-25 04:58    By:b545237988      View:32      Download:0

The program for the three-dimensional shape and two-dimensional images of a gabor kernel scale and orientation of the program to display gabor_function2 gabor kernels five scales and eight directions of the two-dimensional image display, produced a total of 40 two-dimensional flat image 814842370gab...

Matlab Matlab

Fingerprint enhancement procedures -gabor filter

2015-04-16 14:49    By:qcz      View:84      Download:3

This is the 1999 article written by PAMI program for fingerprint image enhancement, using different directions gabor filter for filtering achieve!...

Matlab Matlab

log-gabor filter

16 hours ago    By:gdsdhm      View:58      Download:1

This is the Log-gabor filter MATLAB procedure, containing the entire filter and image filtering code. Welcome to download and try. Thank you all for your support!...

Matlab Matlab

gabor filter dll in

2015-04-15 13:15    By:eng.muhanned      View:64      Download:1

This file contains three dll files for gabor filter in C# , for image processing , it's very useful as reference in

Image Processing C#

Rotation invariant color=red>texture color=red>classification using Local Binary Pattern (LBP)

2015-04-17 06:37    By:EtixMortal      View:88      Download:4

color=red>texture analysis represents a non-trivial part of image analysis. The color=red>classification of different color=red>textures images have to be robust to various parameters such as rotation. The solution used in this code is Local Binary Pattern (LBP) modified for rotation invariance because it represents the best com...

Matlab Matlab

gabor SVM to implement the image restoration and reconstruction.

2015-03-07 08:01    By:chu2011      View:39      Download:1

gabor_svm matalb code to implement the image restoration and reconstruction. Energy characteristics of extraction of palmprint image using gabor_Palm function, and will be the result of the block, calculate the mean and variance of each as a feature vector. The length of the feature vector for...

Matlab Matlab

Fusion of infrared and visible light images using wavelet transform

2015-04-07 10:25    By:清风绿叶ji      View:50      Download:0

MATLAB algorithm for infrared and visible image fusion under the wavelet transform, can make better use  of infrared and visible light images of the respective strengths of the displayed image better...

Matlab C

gabor feature extraction

2015-03-29 21:58    By:babyron      View:58      Download:2

gabor feature extraction for a program, based on OpenCV provides libraries to achieve, you can make the image color=red>texture feature extraction, is a very good development libraries...

Algorithm C++

gabor feature extraction

2015-04-13 08:39    By:a2368699078      View:72      Download:3

gabor feature extraction of the image, a very effective feature, and use SVM for image color=red>classification...

Graph Matlab

SVD-based digital image watermarking using complex wavelet transform

2015-04-17 05:39    By:balu      View:58      Download:1

 A new robust method of non-blind image watermarking is proposed in this paper. The suggested method is performed by modification on singular value decomposition (SVD) of images in Complex wavelet Transform (CWT) domain while CWT provides higher capacity than the real wavelet domain. Modifi...

Algorithm Matlab


2014-12-22 06:59    By:liuzhonghuacd      View:18      Download:0

colorStatistics can count the number of colors in the image, and the percentage, for image analysis makes sense. And the speed is very fast, more than 700 images of a few more milliseconds....

Algorithm C#

color ListCtrl Report List

2015-03-03 02:13    By:sunqition      View:19      Download:1

using CListCtrl control process, we will find easy to use and do not, especially in the use of "report" display mode, and want to add a background color to the specified entry, CListCtrl control sets the color functions can only be provided by the control's interface look good, does not meet our req...

Windows Visual C++

Cvgabor graphic

2015-01-26 05:10    By:forever_1      View:12      Download:0

Cvgabor code It has the following features: Produce a specific orientation and scaling gabor Build to display or save gabor nuclear real part, imaginary part images of the real, imaginary, or main ( Magnitude )响应 Responses can be stored in the XM...

Algorithm C++

Data Hiding in images using wavelet transform

2015-02-06 05:21    By:marejada      View:35      Download:0

//Importing Packages and Classes   import java.awt.event.*; import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.image.BufferedImage; import javax.swing.JFrame; import javax.swing.SwingUtilities;...

Multimedia Java

reduction de dimension et color=red>classification par un classifieur svm

2015-04-07 20:17    By:azizachom      View:50      Download:0

un script d'un ptit algorithme de réduction de dimension avec le classifieur SVM  pour la color=red>classification  des données synthétiques ou une image, utilisation de ll'analyse en composants principals pour la reduction de dimension...

Algorithm Matlab

SVD-based digital image watermarking using complex wavelet transform

2015-04-17 05:39    By:balu      View:139      Download:1

A new robust method of non-blind image watermarking is proposed in this paper. The suggested method is performed by modification on singular value decomposition (SVD) of images in Complex wavelet Transform (CWT) domain while CWT provides higher capacity than the real wavelet domain. Modification...

Image Processing Matlab


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