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gabor feature extraction

gabor feature extraction for a program, based on OpenCV provides libraries to achieve, you can make the image color=red>texture feature extraction, is a very good development libraries...

color=red>classification_colormap_pauli_C3,SAR images used for decomposition of pauliRGB display

color=red>classification_colormap_pauli_C3,SAR images used for decomposition of pauliRGB display. After decomposition of polarimetric Imaging PauliRGB, the resulting three-component, encodes the tinted, collectively known as PauliRGB images....

gabor wavelet

gabor Feature Extractor matlab Achieve with test-images gabor feature extraction process to achieve with matlab image test gabor wavelet for wavelet is quite useful, is the widespread use in recent years, researchers have used for image feature extraction based on wavelet. It has effectively...

gabor sparse coding of face recognition

images by gabor transform feature extraction preprocessing, after acquiring the dimensionality effect data set, and then face recognition using sparse coding algorithms, robustness to face image with a very good, speed up processing speed, improve recognition accuracy, and has a very good effect, an...

gabor filter

A gabor filter for image processing. From the comments and through my own use, the implementation seems to have limited freedom, and also the variances are defined in the original x,y instead of the rotated x', y' directions....

gabor kernels

The program for the three-dimensional shape and two-dimensional images of a gabor kernel scale and orientation of the program to display gabor_function2 gabor kernels five scales and eight directions of the two-dimensional image display, produced a total of 40 two-dimensional flat image 814842370gab...

gabor color=red>texture feature extraction

gabor wavelet and the human visual system's response to visual stimuli is very similar to the simple cell. It has good properties in the local space and frequency domain information extracted target areas. Although not in itself constitute a gabor wavelet orthogonal basis, but in the specific parame...

using gabor feature extraction from image

The program is mainly aimed at analysis of computer vision image processing features, contains 4 Sub procedures, as follows: Gabo filter template displays the images in the gabor1.m:4 direction gabor2.m:4 direction of gabor filters the Lena is called top of the filter modulegabor.m: draws a gabor fi...

gabor+PCA for PalmPrint recognition

Use gabor+PCA to identify the PalmPrint image, gabor transform belongs to the windowed Fourier transform, gabor functions can be used in the frequency domain extract relevant feature on different scales and in different directions. gabor  filter is similar to the frequency and direction of huma...

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