Interfacing TC72 SPI Temperature sensor with 8051 microcontroller

2015-01-29 12:00    By:vicky      View:277      Download:0

This code is written by me for interfacing TC72 Temperature sensor with 8051 microcontroller.As 8051 microcontroller not having inbuilt SPI so I have written simulated code for SPI for 8051.TC72 is a digital temperature sensor with .25 degree resolution. I also attached proteus simulation desi...

Embeded C

DTMF based on off control of a device using 8051 microcontroller

2015-02-01 17:57    By:Rajamoorthy      View:49      Download:1

In this competitive world human cannot spare his time to perform his daily activities manually without any fail. The most important thing he forgets to switch off lights wherever not required. With this, even the power will be wasted up to some extent. This project gives the best solution for e...

Embeded C

SMS based device on/ off control using 8051 microcontroller and GSM modem

2015-04-16 13:54    By:Rajamoorthy      View:314      Download:3

A GSM based SMS Control System; u can just send SMS by cell phone and control eight Devices.Displays information on 16x2 LCD module and controls the relay switching. This interface uses the Micro controller and GSM Modem.Complete solution to your Home Automation by SMS.(Kit with GSM modem)....

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RTC PROGRAM FOR 8051 MICROcontroller

2015-02-27 01:03    By:lakku      View:51      Download:0


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password based door locking system using 8051 microcontroller

2015-03-24 07:50    By:sagar      View:146      Download:2

        we designed password based door locking system using microcontroller 8051.interfacing of keypad and lcd screen is reqired for input and we interface 3*3 keypad with microconntroller.we also provide a facility to change password....

Assembly Language C

8051 Controlled LM34D Thermometer with LCD Output Using Assembly

2015-04-01 12:28    By:milleraj      View:354      Download:1

I chose to use the 8051 microcontroller trainer board with an onboard LM34D temperature sensor and onboard 0804 ADC converter to then write code with hopes of creating a thermometer. This thermometer would then output the temperature to the 7-segment displays on the board, the serial port for co...

8051 ASM

SILICON LABS F76X touch screen

2014-12-07 16:39    By:xiexianguo985100      View:25      Download:0

SILICON LABS  touch screen source code...

触摸屏 C

resistive touch screens manual in Persian with implementation in C

15 hours ago    By:nimilios      View:21      Download:0

resistive touch screens manual in Persian with implementation in C language running in Visual Studio and Visual Prolog....

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2015-04-05 10:55    By:chensai_god      View:47      Download:1

Current configuration is a 4.3-inch color LCD, resistive touch screen, touch screen driver has finished debugging, and optimizes the speed of response, support dragging....

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EEPROM interface with 8051

2015-04-01 03:11    By:aakash      View:115      Download:1

In this program EEPROM  interfaced with 8051 microcontroller  by using i2c protocol. The routines of i2c are separated.     ...

embedded C

8051 Free Running Counter

2015-03-14 23:13    By:Er.Deep Saini      View:99      Download:0

This post provides the implementation of free running counter ( using c language ) for 8051 micro-controller ( e-g for AT89C51 or AT89C52 etc ). This code is written in such a way that, the counter starts from a value of '0' ( displayed on the seven segment ) and then increments this value after eve...

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LED Blinking 8051

2015-03-14 23:13    By:engwas      View:62      Download:0

In the above circuit diagram, AT89C52 is used to simulate the LED blinking code. You can place AT89C51 here without any other change and the code will still run the same. So, this example code can work on both AT89C51 and AT89C52 micro-controllers. A crystal of 11.0592 MHz is used here. Yo...

Embeded C

touchEvent example

2015-03-11 02:32    By:pinotao      View:19      Download:0

This is the touchEvent brief introduction. Source code has detailed annotations ~...

Android Java

C8051 Driver Library

2015-04-15 07:06    By:flander      View:84      Download:1

All code are tested by myself, and they works very well. It includes several C files and H files which contain some functions. Invoke these functions can initilize C8051 chips easily....

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C8051F381 on-chip Flash action code

2015-04-12 10:17    By:0lgs0      View:62      Download:0

C8051F381 on-chip Flash action code is written in a KEIL3 environment, through the on-chip Flash-related addresses read/write operations can be stored in chips Important parameters (non- Nonvolatile data storage)....

Driver Development C


2015-04-13 12:32    By:nagarebel      View:166      Download:2

This is a simple code of digital clock using 8051. Welcome download and try. Thank you for your support....

Embeded C

WINCE6.0 TSC2006 touch-screen controllers drivers

2014-12-21 23:57    By:jafferson      View:62      Download:0

1.2V to 3.6V, 12-Bit, Nanopower, 4-Wire touch screen controller with SPI™ interface WINCE6.0 TSC2006 touch-screen controllers drivers...

Driver Development C#

ADC interface with 8051

2015-04-15 13:03    By:nagarebel      View:167      Download:0

ADC INTERFACING WITH 8051 board contains the led, switch status,LCD and uart interfacing....

Embeded C

C8051F500 bootloader code with CAN bus

2015-04-11 11:04    By:smalldragon      View:77      Download:0

This is a sample bootloader code with C8051F500 MCU and CAN. Use this code you can update the firmware by CAN bus....

Embeded C

8051 GCD code

2015-02-15 21:27    By:manjunath060      View:37      Download:0

This is the GCD code for a 8051 microcontroller . the program is written in a assembly level language  it will also helps to learn ASM level language of 8051...

Embeded ASM

C8051 for 1602LCD

2015-03-11 23:54    By:daba0uo      View:80      Download:0

8051 controlled 1602LCD to show how to write words on screen...

Driver Development C

C8051f-Board-standard routines

2015-04-10 03:16    By:ThreeYear      View:2029      Download:1

C8051F310 development board routines, very detailed, can be directly run...

Embeded C

C8051F350 using single-chip microcomputer temperature and humidity sensor AM2311 temperature and humidity logging code

2015-03-14 23:13    By:卧龙熙凤      View:698      Download:0

C8051F350 using single-chip microcomputer temperature and humidity sensor AM2311 temperature and humidity logging code. This is the code that I wrote it myself, and AM2311 temperature and humidity sensors using I2C communication, Needy students can look at. At that time, I did not found when...

Console C

C8051F340 SD card procedure

2015-04-16 23:55    By:TT2013      View:96      Download:0

C8051F340-based SD card read-write, transplanting the FATFS file system. You can implement reading and writing files. I verify that the motion, you can read and write SD file system. -Based on C8051F340' s SD card reader, transplant FATFS the file system. File read and write can be achieved. I verif...

Embeded C


2015-04-10 05:01    By:free_think      View:40      Download:0

C8051F380-UCOS Keil compiler, being careful to set to mass storage mode MCU-c8051f380 master clock configurations-48MHZ Tick clock cycle 16.3ms, produced by the TIMER5. In use, pay attention to transboundary issues of memory!...

Embeded C

LCD Display using 8051

2015-04-12 08:52    By:Sanjay C H      View:84      Download:0

This is a simple C Program for LCD Display in C for 8051 the design description in given in detail and easy to understand...

Embeded C

C8051F500 PCA

2014-12-04 11:52    By:chenhao85268060      View:15      Download:0

This is c8051f500 PCA source code, use 16 bit mode. It can CEX0 output Pulse Width Modulation....

Other C

Copy CopyscreenTest screen

2014-12-23 21:07    By:moyi      View:10      Download:1

Khao Ping program source code ... ... Qt implementation, copyscreen...

Graph C++

screen recording program UltraVnc screen recorder

2015-01-06 21:30    By:Shelley      View:84      Download:0

UltraVNC is a powerful, easy to use and free software that can display the screen of another computer (via internet or network) on your own screen. The program allows you to use your mouse and keyboard to control the other PC remotely. It means that you can work on a remote computer, as if you were...

Windows C++


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