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udp/NDP transport

transportation through the proxy, connect to remote  Computing , get  back Computing information Ex.  Remote time synchronization...

udp package checksum calculation of source code

udp source code a very useful package checksum calculations. Separate udp messages in the program, you can use Wireshark trace down. -...

2013-12-12 04:54

shelllab source code

A shell script that can manage processes, you can create, delete, process, maintain a process running in the foreground, as well as more background processes running, breaking through the command line is a background process to the foreground, and the current process hangs at the front desk; CTRL-c...

2014-01-04 01:39


With VC++MFC achieved of Visual of chat tools, main with has udp agreement and TCP agreement, is divided into client and server, through test, can in LAN in for communications, is cannot across network, hope to you useful..................................................................................

2014-01-04 01:30

udp sever client

This is simple udp client and server program to list all the files in server to client and to receive continues from  client ...

2014-09-01 23:44

shell Linux Sokoban game script

shell Linux Russia block game script , used to run in Linux bash parser after playing Sokoban game, the interface is  very simple, commented rich, more than 500 rows...

Performance analysis of udp

Initially create a scenario with number of nodes required and specify their positions and also their links.Set up a udp connection by attaching a udp agent and a CBR traffic over udp connection. To evaluate the performance of udp , run the perl script . in the perl script specify the infile to node...

2014-10-19 21:40

udp/RTP sent in real-time PCR intervals TS stream sample

Real-time send the TS stream, select udp or RTP, flow PCR within time intervals when it is sent in order to ensure the smooth rate, real-time send the TS stream...

rudp :Simple Reliable udp

This is the Simple Reliable udp project ("rudp")This project is hosted by The project team describes it as:An object-oriented implementation of a reliable, in-order, transport protocol over udp based on the Internet Draft by Bova, Krivoruchka, and Cisco Systems (1999) titl...

udp datagram transmission simulation network information

Use NS2 to simulate network communication, the client files fame clien.Tcl server file named server.Tcl, this code is using udp protocol, a connectionless transport, you must first start the server, and then start the client...

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