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Finishing work with vba energy report

2014-12-10 01:45    By:wxs05365259      View:23      Download:0

Housekeeping with vba  energy saving report   finishing work using vba, the transportation sector energy conservation and emission reduction   II features a quarter of energy conservation and emission reduction report are: first of all fill out the   completion values, operating...

File Word

Wiley Credit Risk Modeling using Excel and vba Jun 2007

2015-02-07 22:52    By:binhtranvan31      View:33      Download:0

Preface xi Some Hints for Troubleshooting xiii 1 Estimating Credit Scores with Logit 1 Linking scores, default probabilities and observed default behavior 1 Estimating logit coefficients in Excel 4 Computing statistics after model estimation 8 Interpreting regression statistics 10 Prediction...

File VB

Excel vba get Word resume information

2014-12-16 01:30    By:friendjoey      View:19      Download:0

This document contains vba code, you can extract zhilian Word resume information and expectations, in the context of Excel actions Word documents...

Document VB


2014-12-04 09:08    By:Seven      View:15      Download:1

vba在Excel中的简单应用,用于整理表格属性,替换表格内容 算法比较简单,可用于基础学员了解vba应用,相信会对你有帮助...

vba VB

Option pricing models and volatility using excel-vba

5 hours ago    By:bboy0303      View:95      Download:7

Praise for Option Pricing Models & Volatility Using Excel-vba "Excel is already a great pedagogical tool for teaching option valuation and risk management. But the vba routines in this book elevate Excel to an industrial-strength financial engineering toolbox. I have no doubt that it will b...

Pricing Option with VBA VB

vba code VBProject常用代码操作_很多很奇怪的东西可以用

2014-12-09 10:43    By:孤独的远行者      View:33      Download:0

some vba code offen used,  VBProject常用代码操作_很多很奇怪的东西可以用 VBProject常用代码操作 一、增加模块 1.增加一个模块,命名为“我的模块”   ThisWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents.Add(vbext_ct_StdModule).Name = "我的模块" &n...

Windows VB

Constrained Splined Interpolator in vba

2015-02-26 12:48    By:peepingtom      View:37      Download:0

Cubic splines traditionally suffer from overshooting (particularly under constraints), which results in less than desirable accuracy. By sacrificing some smoothness in the spline, we can prevent overshooting. This can be achieved by eliminating the requirement for equal 2nd&...

Algorithm VB

aodvbasic code

2014-12-24 08:20    By:sahil      View:14      Download:0

sha-1 algorithm is commonly used in digital digest algorithm, for arbitrary length of 20 bytes of data generation digital summary is the basis of digital signature...

Other C++

Access counting 24 points

2014-11-25 03:46    By:Jun      View:38      Download:1

Access to make use of the user interface, calculate 24-point program developed by Access vba, and then  output by traversing all possible outcomes. Elementary math teacher will use count 24 pupils to exercise  mental arithmetic ability, as a parent, if the child has a problem i...

Algorithm VB

vba code used AO++ AO vba code used vba code used AO+...

2014-11-18 15:12    By:woai      View:5      Download:0

vba code used AO++ AO vba code used vba code used AO+...

GDI-Bitmap VB

vba help manual, the original vba help on the basis of...

2014-12-12 18:50    By:tom      View:7      Download:0

vba help manual, the original vba help on the basis of...

Other Books VB

On learning vba good information, detailed practical examples teach you how to l...

2014-11-20 02:20    By:zhizi      View:36      Download:0

On learning vba good information, detailed practical examples teach you how to learn vba....

Other systems Others

vba development for arcobject...

2014-11-19 03:53    By:tiancheng      View:7      Download:0

vba development for arcobject...

Other systems VB
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