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usb video capture program (software:LabVIEW)

2015-10-29 08:40    By:zuosi1314      View:73      Download:4

provide simple uses of the webcam library are included in the zip file. Once the library has been installed, the examples can be accessed through the user menu on the function palette in LabVIEW. The examples demonstrate the following: • Single shot image capture and display • Continuous ima...

video LabView

usb image capture source code

2015-10-26 08:35    By:syukasei      View:40      Download:1

The source towards the video capture function, externally connected device using a usb interface, clearer user interface, very useful for source code...

Image Processing C++

JMFusb webcam source code

2015-07-09 05:17    By:aiyuaichou      View:50      Download:0

Use sun official JMF framework to achieve local usb interface camera video in real-time playback demo  program, which calls into java awt application examples and sample applet web calls...

video Java


2015-10-13 07:42    By:fhsh168      View:179      Download:0

ExoPlayer is an application level media player for Android. It provides an alternative to Android's MediaPlayer API for playing audio and video both locally and over the internet. ExoPlayer supports features not currently supported by Android's MediaPlayer API (as of KitKat), including DASH and Smoo...

video Java

Image processing based on usb webcam 2

2015-04-03 21:25    By:端木北辰      View:54      Download:0

The VC6.0 works, is based on usb camera image processing code, just started to learn students can refer to the following video image processing....

Graph C++

CVR100 the second generation ID card reader sdk routines

2015-11-15 00:00    By:Dirk      View:110      Download:2

CTS CVR100-A/U second generation ID card reader sdk routines, provide a complete identity reads, minor alternations can be used for project development....

Driver Development C#


2015-05-26 17:51    By:vynt      View:46      Download:0

Virtual Disk sdk is a library for software developers that allows to create virtual drives and disks, format them to FAT or NTFS or other file system, and mount as if they were physical devices without having to write low level driver code. Using Virtual Disk sdk requires no experience in kernel mod...

Disk Tools Delphi

Majestic development manual sdk

2015-10-22 06:37    By:wangminyi1105      View:83      Download:1

-Dahua network camera sdk two development information, the official did not full, this is a sdk development of the document in the online collection, there must be developed to correct this document...

Windows C++

Multicore software development components of the OMAPL138 MCsdk get started developing

2015-03-07 01:19    By:zhegao      View:677      Download:0

OMAPL138 MCsdk get started developing multicore software development components, from the environmental agency to a Syslink compiled MCsdk, is based on the SYSBIOS6 Foundation , The content of the document in great detail...



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