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vc named pipe application source code

2015-02-09 01:07    By:blautag      View:69      Download:0

The source code shows the use of named pipes under vc Detailed code model named pipe applications, communications, basic methods, clear and straightforward....

VC消息通信应用 Visual C++

vc achieved printer POS sample application source code

2015-03-16 12:27    By:rockyli      View:119      Download:3

vc implement of POS printers example program source code, please try, if you have any questions or feedback please. Thank you......


vcard file parsing

2015-02-01 21:31    By:stevenhou      View:59      Download:0

vcard format file parsing, Demo with vc development...

Document Visual C++

CRUD Mvc Application developed by ASp.NET

2015-03-18 10:41    By:munna      View:91      Download:0

This project based on Mvc basede databse project including create, delete, update and view facility of employees detalis....

CSharp C#

License plate location based on vc6.0+opencv1.0

2015-03-28 23:35    By:小鱼儿      View:273      Download:6

The program development environment: vc6.0 opencv1.0 Steps: click on the program's main interface license plate recognition button Pop-up program interface. In the program interface: open picture image binarization, vehicle license plate location and characters  segmentation, cha...

Image Processing C++

Meshlab and vcGlib

2015-03-18 08:37    By:fsm      View:62      Download:0

Meshlab and vcGlib is Italy National Institute of work, meshlab offers a number of model analysis and processing algorithms, and vcGlib to create a basic data structure and algorithm for traverse, also provides a model of basic algorithms. vcGlib is written in standard C++ library, which provides th...

Graph C++

Digital image processing and machine vision-vc++ and Matlab realization CD code

2015-03-27 10:25    By:qing101hua      View:1114      Download:3

Digital image processing and machine vision vc++ and MATLAB code, CD that comes with the book, the code was complete....

Image Processing C++

mvc4 bootstrap

2014-12-22 09:38    By:kingsoar      View:43      Download:0

mvc4 bootstrap, Platform: VS2010+,Sql Server, Mvc4,Silverlight5_Tools (optional) Scripted deployment: new right 5 Library and perform Deploy.sql initialize the table and data source Configuration changes: change the GMS.Web.AdminConfigDaoConfig.xml of the database connection string Start: VS IIS...

Web Framework C#

vc dynamic library sample program (DLL)

2015-01-16 21:39    By:Diablo      View:36      Download:0

vc2008 creates and invokes the dynamic library sample template (dll program)...

Windows Visual C++

vc global hook sample program

2015-02-03 01:19    By:Diablo      View:45      Download:0

vc2008 created and call the global hook example template...

Windows Visual C++

Music player vc source code

2015-01-13 09:03    By:veer786      View:55      Download:0

Compiled with vc's music player program, source code clearer, annotated, compressed package containing the response resource files can be directly run. The music player has open music files, play, pause, stop, open lyrics, sleep patterns, search for a song, save songs, offer playlist and desk...

Windows C++

vc++ read pictures

2014-12-09 06:51    By:嘿嘿      View:28      Download:0

Good reading pictures program through vc++ software development, preparation of the underlying function, to read pictures in folders, and lay the Foundation for later use vc++ to do image processing...

Image Processing C++

vc face detection system

2015-03-28 21:34    By:PeOS      View:72      Download:1

The system code is done under vc6.0 platform. vc of face detection system, all based on the MFC implementation. Through the color space conversion, skin color modeling, swelling,  Corrosion, remove the false face region, the secondary expansion and corrosion, thereby substantially locate the f...

Image Processing C++

vc serial communication development learning source

2015-03-10 01:35    By:jenson      View:73      Download:0

vc serial communication programming source of practical information to help study of serial communication, can also be based on source code changes for their own projects, redevelopment, but the main is serial communication data. Simple interface and programming....

Button control C++

Written by vc ++ 6.0 Fourier transform Fourier program

2015-01-18 20:18    By:zhangxiaochao      View:55      Download:0

This procedure is to use vc + + 6.0 implementation of Fourier transform, the MFC framework program, can be directly executed, note detailed, clear, easy to master by the beginner...

Image Processing C++

vc++ Board code

2015-01-15 04:31    By:chengzhang      View:600      Download:0

A simple WordPad program, very suitable for beginners vc, mfc comrades learn. Get this project, presumably other more complex engineering is not a problem, learn it....


A simple Russia block game vc++

2014-12-08 04:22    By:hsmhbx      View:37      Download:0

When I learn c++, crystallization of the struggle for more than a month, hoping to help more novice! Mainly in the vc++6.0 programming environment. Is basically the use of minimal realization of the most fundamental functions of language. Hoping to work for you!...

小游戏 C++

Shared memory package vc++ class examples

2015-02-10 00:59    By:kafeiwuzhuren      View:48      Download:0

Shared memory package vc++ class instance, realize operating-system shared memory and shared memory-mapped  disk files feature. Abnormal operating system to restart in a timely manner, share a memory-mapped file data remains....

Windows C++

Java annotation based on Mvc pattern projects

2015-02-09 03:27    By:basier      View:61      Download:0

A simple Java annotations project prepared by the Mvc pattern. Welcome to download and trial. Thank you all for your support!...

Java Development Java
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