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vc dynamic library sample program (DLL)

vc2008 creates and invokes the dynamic library sample template (dll program)...

vc global hook sample program

vc2008 created and call the global hook example template...

vcard file parsing

vcard format file parsing, Demo with vc development...

vc++ Board code

A simple WordPad program, very suitable for beginners vc, mfc comrades learn. Get this project, presumably other more complex engineering is not a problem, learn it....

vc++ cubic spline interpolation and Bezier curves example program

This source code is the implementation of cubic spline interpolation algorithm  and data smoothing using  vc++ MFC.  The control point setup can be implemented on MFC interface, can choose cubic spline interpolation or Bezier smoothing. Results  are displayed on GUI....

mvc4 bootstrap

mvc4 bootstrap, Platform: VS2010+,Sql Server, Mvc4,Silverlight5_Tools (optional) Scripted deployment: new right 5 Library and perform Deploy.sql initialize the table and data source Configuration changes: change the GMS.Web.AdminConfigDaoConfig.xml of the database connection string Start: VS IIS...

vc read/write DXF

vc6.0 read-write version R12 DXF file and displays, arcs can be replaced by a straight line in the read and write process, and basic guarantees that the original shape!...

vc achieved printer POS sample application source code

vc implement of POS printers example program source code, please try, if you have any questions or feedback please. Thank you......

vc named pipe application source code

The source code shows the use of named pipes under vc Detailed code model named pipe applications, communications, basic methods, clear and straightforward....

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