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2015-10-16 22:24    By:echows      View:17      Download:0

Font engine font engine font engine font engine font engine font engine font engine font engine font engine font engine...

字体引擎 C

Boeing 747 flight simulation model for six degree of Freedom space-Simulink procedures. rAr

2015-11-24 09:50    By:tssy32      View:927      Download:3

The Boeing 747 space simulation model-Simulink procedure. rAr Boeing 747 space simulation model-Simulink procedure. rAr Boeing 747 space simulation model-Simulink procedure. rAr...

Algorithm Matlab

simple vhdl in Persian

2015-10-02 10:31    By:nimilios      View:101      Download:0

vhdl in persian language in pdf format. you can leArn coding with vhdl, fpga, gates, ASIC, cpu programming, in 2 pArts....

vhdl VHDL

OFDM transciever implementation By using FPGA written invhdl

2015-07-08 07:46    By:Ugendy      View:35      Download:1

This extension is written to add cognitive radio (CR) capabilities to the Network Simulator-3. It will cover the installation process, the documentation of such an extension and provide examples to get you stArted. We call this extension module CRE-NS3. This extension provides the basic block...

software VHDL

Adder in vhdl

2015-11-25 04:09    By:brahimafernou      View:227      Download:1

This program is an  adder for two floating numbers using vhdl language....

vhdl VHDL

stm32f4 Basic IAr project

2015-11-17 23:14    By:run2008      View:183      Download:3

stm32f4 Basic IAr works to provide iAr project Templates, you can use downloaded, extracted the necessAry source files. stm32f407, stm32f417, stm32f429...

Arm C

reconfigurable fir filter vhdl code

2015-11-10 21:15    By:Dwarakanadh      View:255      Download:4

this is an fir filter implementation code for a reconfigurable fir filter design coded in vhdl language...

vhdl VHDL

vhdl realization of 3*3 matrix multiplication

2015-11-25 05:39    By:jihadfenix      View:165      Download:2

Matrix multiplication vhdl implementation, dimension fixed, very instructive.Focus on understanding the interface, timing settings, delay control. Because the structure is relatively cleAr, not added stimulus file, you can write your own....

vhdl VHDL

vhdl frequency meter

2015-11-27 10:57    By:aihkoo      View:136      Download:1

Using the frequency meter vhdl write and modules divided into cleAr, basic principles for the detection of pulse signals in the life cycle of a gate frequency, use the four-segment digital tube display...

vhdl VHDL

verilog code for uArt transmission

2015-11-13 11:10    By:shabbeerahamad      View:88      Download:2

the low power low cost data transmission teq done By UArT chech it once it's writen in verilog language and also it's a protocol based where you Are going to specify your own rules for better communication...

vhdl Verilog


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