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chatRoom chat program

2015-11-14 22:35    By:flyheart      View:106      Download:2

An MFC-based chat program, simultaneous two-way communication; an MFC-based chat program, simultaneous two-way communication;...

chat Visual C++


2015-10-13 07:42    By:fhsh168      View:179      Download:0

ExoPlayer is an application level media player for Android. It provides an alternative to Android's MediaPlayer API for playing audio and video both locally and over the internet. ExoPlayer supports features not currently supported by Android's MediaPlayer API (as of KitKat), including DASH and Smoo...

video Java


2015-11-25 18:57    By:acdsccg      View:96      Download:0

With VC++MFC achieved of Visual of chat tools, main with has UDP agreement and TCP agreement, is divided into client and server, through test, can in LAN in for communications, is cannot across network, hope to you useful..................................................................................

chat Visual C++

video conference based on SIP protocol source code

14 hours ago    By:ly_luo      View:232      Download:7

video conference based on SIP protocol source, which contains the Audioconference,DSP,include,Testvideoconference,TestVoiceconference, VCodec_Xvid,videoconference directory, the corresponding SIP and video conferencing users have very good help....

VoIP C++

video conference C#

2015-10-25 23:40    By:akinen      View:56      Download:6

video conference in C#. It has two executable file one of which is Peer1, and the other is Peer2. It was used in term project. ...

Other C#

chatRoom chat system

2015-09-08 02:13    By:xwd2013      View:39      Download:0

Write a simple online chat, support for multiplayer chat. Currently there are no design database...

Communication JavaScript

Android videoPlayer

2015-10-26 08:29    By:小宇子      View:131      Download:1

Small demo of Android, everyone can see! Learn Android code to get started! System for Android 1.6 or above code! To be able to run. Is a small player videoPlayer source code...

Java Development Java

Test video.

2015-04-07 22:08    By:redfoxxxx      View:61      Download:0

Dxshow basic application, write the simple video player with dxshow, You can play a video file that can be decoded....

DirectX C++


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