CPU_Mem_UsageRate_Calculator for Linux developed CodeBlocks

2015-01-11 01:48    By:windofthesky      View:55      Download:0

For statistical purposes under the Linux console tools for CPU and memory consumption is a small, late may further secondary development. development tool for Codeblocks project contained in it, in the CentOS6.5 under compile, you can run it....

Linux programming C


2015-01-01 02:41    By:m_electronic1363      View:59      Download:0

The saM3U-EK includes a WOLFSON codec WM8731 for digital sound input and output. This interface includes audio jacks for: 􀂄 microphone input, 􀂄 line audio input, and 􀂄 headphone output. The saM3U4E programmable clock output is used to generate the WM8731 master clock (MCLK). The S...

Algorithm C++

Modélisation Multiphysique

2014-11-22 21:44    By:stef_MAT      View:11      Download:0

Multi-physical model of the energy chain of a miniature crane....

Matlab Matlab

arabic, persian english fonts on ARM(AT91saM7X256) with keil

2015-04-05 05:43    By:elahe      View:128      Download:2

this is source codes for showing persian & arabic & english in ARM , with ili9325 LCD....

Arm C

Under LINUX a message queue

2014-12-13 15:57    By:usolo      View:17      Download:0

Under Linux a message queue Used for interprocess communication, there are 4 routines, you can achieve 1. queue is a list of messages with a specific format, stored in memory by the message queue identifier. 2. message queue allows one or more process writes to it and read the me...

Communication C

Microsoft TTsapp source

2015-01-23 02:09    By:viliems      View:33      Download:1

Microsoft provides circuit pronunciation programming example procedure, implements a text read aloud, die-Microsoft provides programming examples of the voice match process, the realization of the text read, I type matching...

Audio C++

Vs2013 SendMessage mouse messages in the background instances

2014-11-29 00:32    By:419777089      View:42      Download:0

Vs2013 SendMessage mouse messages in the background instances Void test () { RECT r1; POINT old_p; HWND Game = ::FindWindow(NULL, "Plants vs. Zombies RELEASE"); //::MessageBox (NULL, GetGmae, "this is a title", MB_OK); ::SetWindowPos(Game, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, SWP_NOSIZE | SWP...

Windows api C++

Random sample consensus RANsaC

2014-12-15 07:39    By:njwhat      View:58      Download:1

MATLAB training program (random sample consensus RANsaC) RANsaC splicing used in the image, sometimes also be used in image understanding algorithms. Algorithm are as follows (taken from the machine vision and image processing, analysis (3rd Edition)): 1. Suppose we n number of data points to be fit...

Matlab Matlab

base on STM32 UCOSII The message queue semaphore set software timer

2015-01-09 05:35    By:WINTE888      View:83      Download:0

Detailed arrangement of the operating system of the message queue, semaphore set, software timer。...

Embeded C

Ez-usb communications PC-side program, using DeviceiOControl easy

2015-03-06 23:19    By:jianhaoran      View:63      Download:1

Ez-usb communications PC-side program, using DeviceiOControl easy USB communication, VC6 compile, and beginners to learn....

Windows C++

Ez-usb communications PC-side program uses DeviceiOControl made easy

2015-04-13 12:51    By:jianhaoran      View:110      Download:1

Ez-usb communications PC-side program, using DeviceiOControl easy USB communications, also gets the data section is displayed at the right time, you can dynamically display data into a curve, the VC6 compiled, worth learning for beginners....

Windows C++

Easy language to use JS to do Rsa authentication

2015-03-21 09:51    By:loking      View:49      Download:0

Easy language routines source QQ register Rsa algorithms, create ScriptControl object implements QQ register in the Rsa algorithm. Easy language routines source code belonging to advanced easy language tutorial....

Algorithm JavaScript

usart communication codes of atxmega128a1

2015-02-17 22:35    By:tvro123      View:44      Download:0

Atxmega128a1 UsaRT communications c source .......

Avr C++

Verilog serial port serial port receive module receiver module

2015-03-10 11:33    By:wf45852338      View:104      Download:1

Verilog serial port serial port receive module receiver module, contains the BPS modules, level detection module and the control module...

verilog Verilog

VC completion routine model of Web programming model samples (CompletionRoutine)

2014-12-01 19:48    By:Rain      View:28      Download:0

VC network programming model example of the completion routine model (CompletionRoutine)MFC code, with a very, very detailed notes, features simply show what each character sent by the client, as a teaching code, in order to make clear code structure simplifies a lot of places, for product developme...

Socket C++

LPC17XX USB send and receive large amounts of data sample program (KeiL)

2015-04-09 05:15    By:huanghongwei      View:116      Download:0

U send and receive large amounts of data sample program (corresponds to the position machine procedure, usbDevMuch.exe) PC driver for USB Device, suitable for Windows98/2000/XP. PC operation USB Device dynamic-library, PC-side program of the sample code using the dynamic libraries....

Embeded C

LPC2103 UART ( Universal Asynchronuous Receiver Transmitter)

2015-01-21 07:16    By:linengmiao2      View:92      Download:0

This piece of  code sets up the necessary stuff for an Universal Asynchronuous Receiver Transmitter (UART) trough the designated pins, by writing the correct sets of ones and zeros to the necessary registers...

lpc2103 C

Weighted image fusion algorithm Matlab source code

2015-04-16 11:45    By:a2368699078      View:199      Download:2

加权图像融合算法的Matlab源代码,包括IHS,PCA Fusion,主要运用在GSM中卫星图像处理,里面有例子图片,可以清晰的看见处理效果。...

Image Processing Matlab

Rsa number operation

2015-04-15 07:21    By:debugggger      View:12      Download:0

Written by c language interfaces, you can use, not very efficient; There is a header file and a c file, there is no packaged as such. If you want, can have a simple package. By the way, had better be the return value or parameter references or pointers...

Algorithm C

IsaPI picture file processing

2014-11-18 22:55    By:yangxiaohui      View:9      Download:0

Main IE IIS calls to the DLL in the background...

Windows C++

multivariate stein denoising toolbox

2014-11-19 19:46    By:alex.samochin@gmail.com      View:12      Download:0

DESCRIPTION: This toolbox allows to denoise multi-channel images It consists of 4 subfolders: 1) estimSP: contains all the m-files concerning the block estimator 2) images: contains some test images (3 bands) 3) intercorrelation: contains all the m-files to load the intercorrelations 4) tools:...

Algorithm Matlab

UCGUI STM32 transplantation

2015-04-16 10:13    By:mhming      View:268      Download:0

Thanks WZT shared ucGUI portable document, I transplanted a detailed record is first, for the beginner to refer to: 1, open the debugged TFTLCD test procedure (here is the open "ALIENTEK MINISTM32 10 TFTLCD display experiments") of the project folder, the folder where you create ucGUI. Because...



2015-01-09 04:02    By:zxstrong      View:29      Download:0

Opus is a totally open, royalty-free, highly versatile audio codec. Opus is unmatched for interactive speech and music transmission over the Internet, but is also intended for storage and streaming applications. It is standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as RFC 6716 which inc...

Audio C

turbo code matlab simulation

2015-04-15 09:06    By:jianghaiying      View:55      Download:3

The code contains the classic turbo code code and contains the current stage of my research work, 3gpp interleaver study, [WuYuFei] is WuYuFei papers[WuYufei_matlab] is WuYufei Matlab program,[paper] is a simplified algorithm study concluded. Decoding program written entirely their own, have been sy...

Communication Matlab

Linux Device Driver 3rd version

10 hours ago    By:iSearch      View:78      Download:2

Third edition books comes with Linux Device Driver source code, If you just read it, you can only say you know this stuff, but if you do bring them, you will find that, it turned out that Linux is really good, Oh...

Linux programming C

OpenSSL--Secure Sockets Layer crypto library under linux

2015-04-08 09:46    By:fanyang      View:60      Download:0

This is an OpenSSL source code program, and is in a linux environment OpenSSL code. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support!...

Linux programming C

click module router

2015-03-13 04:52    By:851426909      View:35      Download:0

click module router NEWS (September 24, 2011): Click 2.0.1 released! SyClick: Symposium on Click Modular Router was November 23-24, 2009, Ghent, Belgium! An excellent time was had. Video of the presentations is now available. This is the DokuWiki for the Click modular router. Cli...

Communication C

ALsa play wav audio code

2015-01-27 04:20    By:sdyansong      View:21      Download:0

Yu's source code. This design idea: turn an ordinary audio wav file from the file headers that are defined in the earlier 44 bytes, remove the file header to define the message, placed in a file header structure. Then open the ALsa audio driver, taken from the file header structure sampling accuracy...

Linux programming C


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