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Study of white gaussian noise and Computation of its statistical parameters using Matlab,study

2015-09-14 21:21    By:pachu91      View:475      Download:0

In signal processing, white noiseis a random signal with a flat (constant) power spectral density. In otherwords, it is a signal that contains equal power within any frequency band witha fixed width.The parameter μ in this formula is the mean orexpectation of the distribution (and also its median a...

Matlab Matlab

MATLAB-based research on time-frequency characteristics of two-dimensional gaussian low-pass filter and its application to mimic the point spread function (PSF:point spread function) in the application of image degradation modeling

2015-11-04 17:17    By:easycome2009      View:1153      Download:0

Use fspecial Function to generate a two-dimensional gaussian Low-pass filter, drawing its time-domain and  frequency-domain one, two and three dimensional graphics, understanding gaussian The temporal characteristics  of the filter ( PSF Model) and frequency-domain characterist...

Matlab Matlab

fortran solving matrix linear equations, there are examples that can be run directly

2015-11-18 03:57    By:guoguo      View:358      Download:2

fortran solving matrix linear equations, there are examples that can be run directly  / 'PS: This software can calculate both linear equations Ax = b, you can calculate the matrix equation AX = B')    Purpose: elimination method for solving the matrix equation  !&nbs...

Algorithm Fortran

2D FDTD algorithm Implementation using fortran77

2015-11-15 03:19    By:zpbrilliant      View:68      Download:2

fortran77 2D FDTD algorithm was used to achieve, through the wave, absorbing boundary condition set, and  iterative calculation of electric field and magnetic field strength, for final Description of the location of electric field  strength and magnetic field intensity....

Algorithm Fortran

Simple and efficient matrix inversion program in fortran

2015-06-27 11:34    By:guoguo      View:62      Download:1

! Description: calculating Inverse matrices ! !----------------------------------------------------- ! Contains : ! 1. driver driver functions ! 2. solve method Already proven, efficient and simple...

gps Fortran

Least squares curve fitting-fortran

2015-10-11 07:33    By:shangshan      View:118      Download:1

Small squares of fortran language, fortran implementation of curve fitting...

Algorithm Fortran

LU decomposition to solve equation-fortran

2015-11-11 10:19    By:shangshan      View:100      Download:1

Using the LU decomposition method for calculating solution of linear equations and fortran programs!...

Algorithm Fortran

example of fortran2003 features

2015-08-11 02:00    By:naoto      View:39      Download:0

Example of Object oriented programming using fortran 2003 new features: type extension and inheritance, polymorphism, dynamic type allocation, and type-bound procedures...

File Fortran

gaussian noise pulses

2014-11-25 00:12    By:zalak      View:6      Download:0

H.264 introduces two new features to ME, the VBSME and the sub-pixel accuracy motion estimation. The VBSME is carried out in two phases: integer motion estimation (IME) and fractional motion estimation (FME). In H.264, VP8 and other video codec, a 1616 sized macro-block can be further partitio...

Matlab Matlab


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