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3. Analog-to-Digital conVersions using Vcc as a voltage reference

Ultimately, my goal with this chip is to sample some voltages and then relay that information to a computer (via the UART, which we now have running) and an LCD display. Now that the chip can talk to a computer we can start experimenting with the analog-to-digital converter. For experim...
  CSharp        C     

Java high and low-bit int data conVersion

When mainly for communication between JAVA and c++, network-byte code conVersion problems, namely high low conVersion problem!...
  Java Development        Java     

Sunny movies free Version (with gvod, a custom collection)

It was a fair-weather free Edition files, other people currently publishing system that is its own original, sunny days, seriously affecting the sunny reputation. This file does not have any impact on programs, please rest assured. Sunny movie systems are intact, without any advertising, and perma...
  Web Framework        ASP/ASPX     

A Fortran library--Flibs Version 0.9

Flibs is a collection of Fortran modules for various tasks: - [cgi] facilitate web programming via CGI - [checking] checking various aspects of the code via instrumentation    and static analysis - [computing] computational tasks, such as automatic differentiation - [controlstructures...
  Algorithm      Fortran     

aforge blops explorer

This sample applications demonstrates usage of BlobCounter class, which allows to find all separate objects in the specified image. It finds each individual object, provides its properties and with the help of other framework's classes it provides convex hull for each object or its quadril...
  Image Processing        C#     

基于AForge.NET Framework的普通摄像头颜色识别

基于AForge.NET Framework的普通摄像头颜色识别与跟踪c#源码,可以与单片机WIFI通讯,可以控制舵机,以及机器人追踪控制!...
  Windows        C#     

Copy move image forgery detection using SIFT

With the advancement of technology and easy availability of imaging tools, it’s not difficult now a days  to manipulate digital images to hide or create misleading images. Image forgery detection is currently  one of the hot research fields of image processing. Many research...
  Matlab        Matlab     


k-Wave is an open source acoustics toolbox for MATLAB and C++ developed by Bradley Treeby and Ben Cox (University College London) and Jiri Jaros (Brno University of Technology). The software is designed for time domain acoustic and ultrasound simulations in complex and tissue-realistic media. The...
  Matlab        Matlab     

Basic framework for the Java Version of SSH and rapid development

Basic framework for the Java Version of SSH and rapid development Built after project h framework required Jar package, note that this project is using a MySQL database; Among them, the activation Then began using MyEclipse aided development Struts,Spring,Hibernate;...
  Java Development        Java     

Basic Utility Class for HSB RGB Color ConVersion

Basic HSB to RGB or RGB to HSB Color ConVersion Class for MFC C++ Applications. HSL and HSV are the two most common cylindrical-coordinate representations of points in an RGB color model. The two representations rearrange the geometry of RGB in an attempt to be mo...
  Graphics        C++     

Self organizing maps

Self-organizing Maps (SOM: Kohonen, 2001) are neural networks that adapt to regularities in input data using unsupervised learning. Representations learned with SOM have interesting topological properties, namely the fact that input patterns that are similar are coded on regions of the SOM t...
  Matlab        Matlab     

VS write dates in the Gregorian calendar date of the corresponding annual conVersion

This code provides the number of days to go 日 Functional, convenient and easy to use, enter (for example) input year:2013,input days:134, output 5 to 14, May 14, in remote sensing images, and often days to turn it into a file name 日 And written proceedings, but also to share...
  代码类        C#     

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