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Character LCD 1602 MCU emulator

2015-01-04 02:26    By:黑旋风      View:44      Download:0

C prepared speech on 1602 LCD character program, gave a detailed description of the program code 1602 and emulator through emulation software can directly open ... 1602 LCD MCU emulator characters very well, and can be used directly ......

Embeded C

AY-8910/YM2149 simple emulator/player

2015-01-30 08:35    By:trawen      View:44      Download:0

This emulator sound coprocessor AY8910 (YM2149). He used to play music in a retro computer ZX Spectrum, Atari, Amstrad. The emulator written in PureBasic and uses WinAPI. A good example of show the work with sound in Windows and an example of sound synthesis....

Audio Others

Hart protocol master emulator

2015-02-28 02:15    By:pankaj      View:99      Download:5

Hart protocol emulator.It will be find in given linkhttp://www.romilly.co.uk/software.htm...

Embeded C

STM32F429I Discovery SMS emulator

2015-03-03 13:09    By:alex_r      View:185      Download:1

Simple SMS emulator running on STM32F429I Discovery Board Project developed using Keil MDK (evaluation version)...

Embeded C

TELEPHONE emulator

2014-09-05 05:54    By:caca      View:15      Download:0

Here is presented a TELEPHONE emulator, it consists in a graphic interface and you can click any number you want and then you will see the tone you touched using the MATLAB tools to graph the different tones....

Matlab Matlab

5250 Protocol, terminal emulator

2014-12-19 15:24    By:yangdanyu      View:27      Download:0

By 5250 terminal emulator 5250 Protocol Protocol to connect AS400 mainframe support Telnet,SSL mode, running environment for linux,AIX...

Linux programming C

LDPC emulator

2015-02-26 22:52    By:千寻      View:56      Download:0

Binary LDPC decoding program, 64QAM easier to understand binary LDPC decoding program, easy to  understand binary LDPC decoding program, easy to understand...

Matlab Matlab

Accumulation of radar emulator

2015-02-26 01:42    By:jh35      View:48      Download:0

MATLAB simulation program for fast-moving target, emulation of a linear frequency modulated radar signal and pulse compression technology used, processed, compared the effect of coherent integration and non-coherent integration offers a KEYSTONE transformation program can be used to adjust walking d...

Matlab Matlab

Geodetic coordinate system into a Cartesian coordinate system

2014-12-15 20:34    By:菩提骑士      View:30      Download:0

Three kinds of geodetic coordinate system: WGS, BJ54, GDz80 transformed by calculating the three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system XYZ, facilitate personnel do topography, geology and other earth science statistical analysis; Calculated may be some errors, but the ideas and methods can draw on...

Matlab Matlab

A relatively old Raine heterogeneous MOTOROLA 68XXX series simulator arcade game...

2014-12-23 03:51    By:chenhu      View:10      Download:0

A relatively old Raine heterogeneous MOTOROLA 68XXX series simulator arcade game emulator...

Game Server Simulator C++

gp2x emulator cps2 on the original code, which can be perfectly simulated cps2.....

2010-08-21 21:02    By:davidd21      View:7      Download:0

gp2x emulator cps2 on the original code, which can be perfectly simulated cps2....

Game Server Simulator C++

NeoGeoCD emulator Source (SDL)...

2010-08-05 02:19    By:yizhu      View:12      Download:0

NeoGeoCD emulator Source (SDL)...

Game Engine Visual C++

GAME BOY emulator virtual_gameb DOS version (C language)...

2015-01-11 03:03    By:zhizi      View:9      Download:0

GAME BOY emulator virtual_gameb DOS version (C language)...

Other systems C++

2015-02-04 23:57    By:zhizi      View:19      Download:0

-Small Device C Compiler. It is an open source C compiler for Inter8051, Zilog z80, Dallas 80C390, Motorolas HC80 and other SCMs....

SCM Visual C++
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