C # implementation for Oracle in VS2010 database deletion interface display and check the modified source code

2015-04-16 22:45    By:zhuxing_codeforge      View:20518      Download:0

Using the c # language in VS2010, realize the connection to the Oracle database, create tables, add, query, modify, delete, data display and interface, provides the complete sample source code....

oracle C#

Python Oracle database tools class

2014-11-28 13:09    By:ylkjick532428      View:44      Download:0

oracle python database operations tools  Database Configuration  self.db_config_local = {'USER': 'system', 'HOST': '', 'PASSWORD': '', 'PORT': '1521', 'NAME': 'orcl'}      Usage  oracle = DataBaseDrive (). oracle       sql_str = "select * where...

数据库工具 Python

Oracle OCI data class package

2014-12-11 04:19    By:james Le      View:66      Download:0

1.Oracle class encapsulates OCI data supports Linux Windows 2. by encapsulating different class driver...

DataBase C++

oracle server linux install

2014-12-06 07:13    By:蜀夫      View:28      Download:0

Llinux server, common Oracle installation procedures and scripts, very practical yo!...

Data Others

File reads the resolution into the ORaclE database

2014-12-04 06:33    By:m151945673      View:13      Download:0

AL2-format file, modify the code to insert txt files and so on, assign values to parse the file entity, fixed format and instead insert ORaclE database records...

DataBase C#

Deleting ORaclE database records

2014-12-04 06:31    By:m151945673      View:18      Download:0

Deleting ORaclE database records, select, multiple-table select, delete results show that displays the delete table data bar code, how many records corresponding to each table, the database table you can choose to delete, resulting in multiple displays...

DataBase C#

Using JAVA to Oracle database spatial queries

2014-11-11 06:45    By:Ostrichi      View:17      Download:0

Oracle Spatial database and query, and JAVA to connect to the database, and then operate on the database. Includes spatial data in tables, indexes, resumes, insert meta data; queries, the queries include the space in the shape of junction area of contains queries, query, and so on....

Java Development Java

Oraclejdbc test class

2014-11-19 01:08    By:linxuehong      View:7      Download:0

Oracle JDBC test basic add/drop insert picture modified, there are methods such as compress pictures...

Java Development Java

Oracle SQL Runner

2015-01-15 09:41    By:MOHAPX      View:18      Download:0

Oracle utility for: 1. Run SQL queries with different sets of parameters 2. Export result to xls and sending by mail 3. Sending notification by SMS depending on: Odac, DevExpres...

Export SQL queries Delphi

JAVA Oracle database simple queries

2014-11-22 21:02    By:qwe      View:19      Download:0

Java to connect to the database, three-step loading-driven access to create a database connection object to create a query returns a result set When you need something, when in the appropriate methods to obtain...

Java Development Java

Unidac direct connection with MYSQL database, ORaclE

2014-12-15 02:36    By:Souza      View:22      Download:0

Component for Delphi XE5  Update2  Unidac direct connection with MYSQL database, ORaclE,  MOBILE used for projects....

Windows Delphi

SSH+Oracle development of book management system

2014-11-30 09:20    By:buddha17      View:18      Download:1

This system is a Struts+Spring+Hibernate portfolio development books management system, this system uses a hierarchical architecture, integrated use of Struts+Spring+Hibernate three leading open source framework for building, stable, effective, powerful, and easy to maintain. System is divided into...

Java Development Java

php ,mysql,.net,python,java,oracle

2014-12-10 03:35    By:satish      View:22      Download:0

dfd sdfdfdf lease do your best to describe your project in details. Better content will gain much more points for  lease do your best to describe your project in details. Better content will gain much more points for lease do your best to describe your project in details. Better conte...

Web Framework PHP

zebra source code

2015-01-08 13:15    By:hgsadjjh      View:6      Download:0

zebra source code ...

Linux programming C

3 sensor obstacle avoidance

2015-04-17 11:17    By:manmath      View:23      Download:0

1.     What is an obstacle avoidance robot?                 This project deals with a wheeled autonomous ROBOT. It is the part of Automation; Robot has sufficient intelligence to cover the...

Embeded C

For the company to do a into the box software, using WPF technology, Oracle Database

2015-03-15 23:46    By:liadia      View:26      Download:0

A box for company software, using WPF technology, Oracle database, discounted charts the most gorgeous...


Maze around the obstacles to Java code

2015-03-30 09:44    By:solohan22      View:42      Download:0

The 6 different randomly generated problems are shown as followed, where "_" stands for empty square, 'o' for obstacle, 's' for the start position, 'g' for goal position. The coordinate system is as follows, starting from the left top square as (0,0), ending at the right bottom as (7,7): X 0------...

AI Java

ruby DBI access Oracle databases through examples

2014-11-23 21:07    By:大熊      View:10      Download:0

Oracle Data ruby operation code examples, including:Examples 1, insert_dbi.rb Ruby inserting data into the DB2. Examples proc_dbi.rb Ruby Oracle stored procedure execution3, proc_dbi_cursor.rb Ruby implementation of Oracle returns data example that hard to find a solution on the Internet4, proc_ocii...

DataBase Ruby

ORaclE data backup

2014-12-07 09:17    By:thenyoucan      View:8      Download:0

ORaclE backup data, implement Oracel database, table, and records backed up separately, powerful, easy to operate, safe to use,...

DataBase Delphi

经典SSH+Oracle demo实例

2014-12-15 16:59    By:邓又文      View:13      Download:0

经典SSH+Oracle demo实例,最适合java初学者和需要搭建框架的同学使用!...

Java Development Java

ORaclE EBS 11i AR invoice interface insert program

2014-12-01 07:19    By:ruangm      View:7      Download:1

ORaclE EBS 11i AR invoice interface insert program...

DataBase PL/SQL

Potential fields avoidance obstacle

2015-03-02 07:33    By:giovanni      View:30      Download:0

The algorithm was implemented in MATLAB GUI and inserted into the simulation environment through the creation of the function field....

Matlab Matlab


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