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Algoritmo simetrico

2014-11-25 05:26    By:xavdy_20      View:21      Download:0

Codigo simetrico en C#...

Windows C#

simplex Method

2015-04-14 16:47    By:PumaPunku      View:81      Download:0

This program implements a system optimization of linear functions by simplex method. entry: The initial frame of the problem, which should be in standard form. In cases where there is a need of adding dummy variables, the problem to be modeled according to the method of Big...

Operations research Java

simplex metod java

2015-04-14 16:47    By:xaifon      View:27      Download:0

simplex metod with java using programing thecniques so we can descibre a couple of class and a lot of stuff to sucessfuly make this program...

Java Development Java

simplex method optimization

2015-04-14 16:48    By:zhyhot      View:41      Download:0

VC ++ to achieve the simplex method optimization for single-loop control system, the control object parameter selection by setting the objective function to obtain the optimal controller parameters under the simplex method...

Algorithm Visual C++

dual simplex method by c++

2015-04-11 14:52    By:bashenskii      View:52      Download:0

#include "stdafx.h" #include <stdio.h> #include <conio.h> #define INFINITY -999 #define N 10 #define M 20 /***************************************************/ /***** Solves the LPP by "DUAL simplex" method *****/ /***************************************************/ void minimu...

Algorithm C++


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