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2015-08-10 03:04    By:farkas70      View:62      Download:1

******************************************************************************* $Id: README.txt,v 2008/08/21 02:18:51 mcarbone Exp $ slot_machine Description: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------   This module generalises th...

Flash ActionScript

Pure Aloha and slotted Aloha Matlab code

4 hours ago    By:gagajijigaji      View:241      Download:6

Pure Aloha and slotted Aloha algorithm Matlab code. Results comparison of two algorithms for throughput, throughput can be derived by modifying the label change in value....

Algorithm Matlab

Knight Online gameserver 3.0

2015-11-14 14:06    By:Zebelced2      View:101      Download:3

1886 gameserver Project Have 2 Bug Socket Bug And Merchant Bug VS2010 , very bug fixed project fixers ; katana , AKUMA,eridia,bodom . Thanks Twostars ............................

Windows C++

Signalslot function callbacks

2014-12-18 12:55    By:richardlee      View:130      Download:0

C++ callback implementations, is not limited to static methods of a class QT-like implementations, bind and Unbind mechanism, a friend in need expansion Currently only supports a fixed number of parameters can be modified according to add...

Algorithm C++

gamesnake snake game

2015-11-10 14:35    By:qq351413689      View:249      Download:0

C8051f340 developed a snake games, and we used to play the game more clearly, TFT color screen, gamepad to play  ...

Arm C

Programming Role Playing shell games with DirectX 2nd Edition Chapter revisions

2015-11-17 16:21    By:supersaiyan      View:111      Download:0

Gaming genius Jim Adams of the Programming Role Playing games with DirectX (2nd Edition), chapter I of the framework  program (shell) the amended version of to apply a variety of character sets....

Windows C++

Programming Role Playing games with DirectX 2nd Edition Chapter 1 data packet program bug fix

2015-10-13 02:12    By:supersaiyan      View:1162      Download:0

Gaming genius Jim Adams of the Programming Role Playing games with DirectX (2nd Edition), chapter I of the  amended version of data, Fixed a small error, and the ability to apply a variety of character sets....

Windows C++


2015-02-05 07:57    By:hhhhhsss123      View:30      Download:0

newguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguysnewguys newguysnewguysnewguys newguysnewguysnewguys newguysnewguysnewguys newguysnewguysnewguys newguysnewguysnewguys...

Java Development Java

pingpong games

2015-11-18 00:47    By:Esra      View:27      Download:0

abstract factory using the method of the basic ping pong game. It is written in a more regular with the use of abstract factory.This code enables us to pass the exam.hopefully you can use the code in :)...

java games Java

Implementation of slotted aloha algorithm

4 hours ago    By:purnima      View:99      Download:2

An improvement to the original ALOHA protocol was "slotted ALOHA", which introduced discrete timeslots and increased the maximum throughput. A station can send only at the beginning of a timeslot, and thus collisions are reduced. In this case, we only need to worry about the transmission-attem...

Communication C


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