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standalone PV system with battery

2014-12-13 01:50    By:kaushik      View:21      Download:1

The Conventional sources of energy are rapidly depleting. Moreover the cost of energy is rising and therefore  standalone  photovoltaic system is a promising alternative. They are abundant, pollution free and distributed throughout the earth. The hindrance factor is its powe...

Matlab Matlab

programing rtc with ds1302 ,8051 7-segment led display

2014-12-17 06:14    By:ntvancan      View:93      Download:1

source code for rtc using ds1302 ,at89c51 and dislaying on six  7-segment ledschematic of rtc...

Embeded ASM

VC++-interface programming technique with code

2014-12-02 09:48    By:gxz      View:37      Download:2

VC++-interface programming technique with code, good case studies. the first chapter to the 11th chapter; Interface programming the control, IE control to be redrawn...


DE2 Board with memory functions of stopwatch

2014-12-17 19:33    By:爷们1896      View:335      Download:0

1, Verilog language 2, stopwatch function, and memory functions. The stopwatch can be used for timing, and reset, pause and start button;    timer, you can make the appropriate records. And the stopwatch with two pause button, one after a pause the stopwatch continues to go,    a...

verilog Verilog

3D Solar system with OpenCV and C#

2014-12-14 00:32    By:bilychan      View:23      Download:0

Design a Solar system with opencv on C Introduction Hello this is a 3D solar system implementation with OpenGL and C#. I tried to keep it simple because this demo it’s only for educational purposes. It contains the sun, the planets, our moon, the planet’s orbit and some stars. It is pr...

OpenGL C#

Inventory with Report

2014-11-19 15:37    By:Zabihullah      View:16      Download:0

The title of my system is Inventory with report. This is an inventory made for coffee shops, business needs to have the reports of their current inventory. I combined the use of OLEDB connections and the use of Crystal Report to create the report of the inventory....

DataBase VB

GA with crossover for string matching

2014-12-07 11:59    By:ArtifaX      View:23      Download:0

Genetic Algorythm with crossover for string matching. It also includes simple hillclimber and GA without crossover to compare with....

Algorythm C++


2014-12-16 07:03    By:xinpha      View:47      Download:1

MIMO-OFDM is a key technology for next-generation cellular communications (3GPP-LTE, Mobile WiMAX, IMT-Advanced) as well as wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11n),wireless PAN (MB-OFDM), and broadcasting (DAB, DVB, DMB). This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the basic theory and prac...

Matlab Matlab

Back Propagation Neural Network with Multiple Outputs

2014-12-08 13:22    By:MEF      View:23      Download:0

The principle of back propagation is actually quite easy to understand, even though the maths behind it can look rather daunting. The basic steps are: Initialise the network with small random weights. Present an input pattern to the input layer of the network. Feed...

Algorithm C#
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