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JSP online course Selection system

2015-03-25 01:33    By:账号已存在君      View:206      Download:2

This system is a simple online course Selection system, including students ' course Selection check grade, teacher and administrator of some back office operations. This system is based on JSP environment design, learning how to use JSP and MySQL knowledge to be developed, as a deeper grasp of the...

DataBase JSP

Optimal threshold Selection

2015-03-19 07:43    By:刘张栓      View:18      Download:0

Otsu method of binary threshold Selection based on local Adaptive threshold Selection procedures. Provide two encoding methods....

Matlab Matlab

Feature Selection Wolf algorithm

2015-03-09 19:54    By:melaning21      View:28      Download:0

select optimal feature subset using Wolf algorithm. The Decision tree as classifier. This wrapper method combines Wolf and DT. Several datasets as test data can be downloaded from the University of California Irvine Repository....

Matlab Matlab

MATLAB realization of QPSK modulation, using two phase Selection method and I/Q method of adding two-

2015-03-19 06:37    By:hepanfeng01      View:229      Download:0

MATLAB realization of QPSK modulation, respectively for phase Selection method and I Q quadrature modulation phase  two road realize QPSK modulation, QPSK modulation of the power spectral density is given....

Communication Matlab

node Selection

2015-03-20 00:24    By:sivamurugan      View:18      Download:0

The wireless networking model can be created using Tool Command Language (TCL) script with fixed number of nodes. The sample code discussed below models the wireless network with 2 nodes. Nodes are configured with the components of channel, networking interface, radio propagation model, Medi...

Linux programming Tcl/Tk

Wavelet threshold Selection

2015-03-30 08:41    By:general3000      View:34      Download:1

Wavelet thresholding wavelet filtering function, the Selection threshold and threshold setting impact on the results of the analysis Wavelet analysis of image noise signal filtering effect...

Matlab Matlab

Menu Selection item

2014-12-13 23:07    By:你好      View:151      Download:0

A simple menu Selection, make you more complete. Have many options to choose Next, let you switch items of type, color, and even allows you to rotate 360 degrees. Options include solid and wireframe, for you to choose from. Also included the escape key, easy to operate. Fit for developing software u...

OpenGL C++

Course Selection system

2014-12-09 21:59    By:dxw555      View:78      Download:0

Java classes with students and administrators of the system-side package Student;import java.sql.*;import java.util.*;import java.awt.*;public class MyJDBC{private Connection con;private Statement st;private String user,pass;private ResultSet set;private String name;public MyJDBC(){open();}void open...

Java Development Java

Dynamic four-Wheeled utility

2013-11-26 10:30    By:horsemaji      View:5      Download:0

This procedure is used in the dynamic inspection car line four rounds of testing procedures, and external displacement sensor. VC6.0 development, UART communications, can provide reference for industrial control engineers. Core is the communication and analog computation...

Windows C++

FCBF Feature Selection Code

2015-03-27 09:51    By:sergenim      View:37      Download:1

Fast Correlation-Based Filter FCBF to select any given size of feature subset and it selects features in a different order than the FCBF. The FCBF (Fast Correlation-Based Filter) algorithm consists of two stages: the first one is a relevance analysis,aimed at ordering the inpu...

CSharp C#

KLT feature point Selection

2015-03-09 23:21    By:weicode      View:16      Download:0

Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi (KLT) algorithm is based on image feature point tracking algorithm from the target feature extraction, feature tracking consists of two parts. This paper expounds the KLT fundamentals of algorithms, analyzed the main reasons influencing the algorithm execution speed. Analyses ind...

Graph C++

Facial Recognition by P CA LDA Algorithm Based on Parallel Clone Selection Algorithm

2014-12-13 15:50    By:amazoz      View:14      Download:0

Although the combination of PCA and LDA has take advantage of the merit of the former's reducing dimension and redundancy and the latter's optimum discriminant vector space. However, by PCA-LDA algorithm, space reversion is achieved according to feature value....

Image Processing PDF

Student course Selection system

2015-03-27 11:30    By:wuwu      View:29      Download:0

Students selected class system for and students selected class of subjects and teacher Zhijian formed more on more of relationship within contains database table of connection way and table Zhijian of associated content detailed I test had open MyEclipse if occurred deployment full zhihou has js err...

Java Development Java
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