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Routing Simulation in ns2

2015-03-27 13:50    By:guilintx1      View:97      Download:1

The script is aim to simulation a simple network. objectives: First, Be introduced to some of the commands that can be passed to nam. Get a basic understanding of the network parameters that can be modified. To help you to learn 'How to simulator routing in ns2'...

Shell Script Tcl/Tk

Implementing XY location logging of nodes in ns2 aodv

2015-03-27 19:18    By:rajendraB007      View:48      Download:0

Some times in some projects in ns2 it is needed to implement nodes location logging such that their actual position based some algorithms can be executed. When localization techniques and location aware protocol mechanisms are required to implement this procedure is can be followed. We have to invok...

Linux programming C++

Aomdv protocol ns2 Coding

5 minutes ago    By:sumit      View:141      Download:1

Ad-hoc on demand multipath distance vector is an extension to the AODV protocol for computing multiple loop –free and link- disjoint paths. The protocol computes multiple loop- free and link disjoint paths. To ensure loop-freedom and node only accepts an alternate path to the destination if it has...

Linux programming C++

ns2 wireless sensor networks (Leach protocols)

2015-03-20 05:11    By:litenghao923      View:76      Download:1

LEACH protocol, stands for "Low Energy Adaptive clustering Hierarchy Protocol" (Low Energy Adaptive clustering Hierarchy), is a wireless sensor network routing protocols. LEACH protocol-based algorithm, called LEACH algorithm.1 In order to reduce the amount of information transmitted to th...

Matlab Matlab

SPIN protocol for wireless sensor networks, implemented on ns2 language

2015-03-27 13:50    By:livelygirl711      View:233      Download:3

SPIN protocol for wireless sensor networks, implemented on ns2 language.  Source code is clear, easy to understand for beginners to work on ns2...

GUI Tcl/Tk

creating wireless nodes in ns2

2015-03-27 08:49    By:sura      View:54      Download:0

The node will create in the wireless network in ns2. The corresponding nodes will transfer the packets . Node created in 50 that can be evaluated the transmission....

Linux programming Tcl/Tk

ns2 node creation

2015-03-27 18:57    By:dhana      View:40      Download:0

node creation in ns2. create a node upto 100 nodes and establish connection between the nodes......

OpenGL Tcl/Tk

NOAH routing in ns2 simulator

2015-02-10 12:11    By:amma      View:30      Download:0

NOAH est un agent de routage sans fil (contrairement à DSDV, DSR, ...) ne prend en charge que les communications directes entre les noeuds sans fil ou entre stations de base et les noeuds mobiles. Cela permet de simuler des scénarios où le routage multi-saut est indésirable....

network simulator PDF


2015-03-21 13:59    By:xpranata      View:60      Download:1

Improvement based on TORA routing protocol in Ad hoc network routing algorithm for wireless sensor network...


Create wireless simulator in ns2

1 minutes ago    By:dev      View:59      Download:1

Tcl script help to create the wireless network simulator to enhance the innovative idea by the software....

Other Tcl/Tk

About csma in ns2 tcl file

2015-03-27 07:58    By:yuvasekar      View:120      Download:2

csma  ---- routing program Carrier sense multiple access (CSMA) is a probabilistic media access control (MAC) protocol in which a node verifies the absence of other traffic before transmitting on a shared transmission medium, such as an electrical bus, or a band of the electromagnetic spe...

Linux programming Tcl/Tk

802 ns2 tcl file

2015-03-15 04:00    By:yuvasekar      View:92      Download:0

1-persistent  1-persistent CSMA is an aggressive transmission algorithm. When the sender (station) is ready to transmit data, it senses the transmission medium for idle or busy. If idle, then it transmits immediately. If busy, then it senses the transmission medium continuously u...

Linux programming Tcl/Tk


2015-03-13 00:20    By:ali      View:81      Download:2

Student information System help student to discuss your topics,if they have any problem then discuss with there friends and with teachers. this project also provides some cool information about students and teachers ...

Web Browser PHP

The hotel information management

2015-03-24 07:39    By:wangshuangjian      View:104      Download:1

The hotel information management information management system for a hotel, main administrative user check amount and calculation of the consumption of housing...

Windows C#

imTrans - Homogeneous transformation of an image

2015-01-09 14:35    By:hjk61314      View:49      Download:0

IMTRANS - Homogeneous transformation of an image. Applies a geometric transform to an image [newim, newT] = imTrans(im, T, region, sze);...

Image Processing Matlab

Energy efficiency cluster based protocol LEACH tcl file in ns2

2015-03-24 05:29    By:khaid      View:134      Download:1

TCL scripting file for LEACH protocol in wireless sensor network.LEACH, Low-Energy Adaptive clustering Hierarchy, is an application-specific protocol architecture for Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) widely adopted for various Sensor Network variations. It has become one of the most used bases for deve...


ns2 simulation

2015-03-23 07:18    By:amma      View:60      Download:0

this script tcl simulate mobile nodes that move between different base stations. the network is divided into domains and each domain is divided into clusters....

network simulation Tcl/Tk

fuzzy C means clustering algorithm

2015-03-25 04:31    By:ronger2130      View:431      Download:7

FCM Algorithm is an unsupervised learning method, select K As the number of clusters, N Samples were divided into K Class, and have greater similarity within classes, which have a smaller similarity between its Euclidean distance is used as a measure of similarity, that is, the smaller the distance...

Matlab Matlab

ns2 programming for udp and tcp protocle

2015-03-26 10:00    By:david      View:36      Download:1

this code is for implement  CBR in udp and FTP in tcp protocles. this project has 4 node with diffrent Configure...


wireless communication using ns2

2015-03-22 08:13    By:ishu      View:30      Download:0

create a wireless  topology with set of nodes. Simulation begins with sender and receiver instantiation and packets transfer between them using TCP connection. At particular time intermediate nodes moves and re route discovery is performed in AODV protocol...

Linux programming Tcl/Tk
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