computer graphics

2015-02-28 08:19    By:萌狮子      View:43      Download:0

Implement source code of various computer graphics course, Bezier curves, cropping, panning for two-dimensional graphics, two-dimensional graphics scaling, rotation of two-dimensional graphics, and so on, OPENGL Pack As well as some testing procedures, will help you...

C++语言代码 C++

computer graphics basic graphics drawing lines and circle

2015-04-09 10:23    By:joker      View:73      Download:1

computer graphics courses include basic graphics DDA line drawing dotted line bresenhham Circle...

计算机图形学 C++

The computer graphics line, ellipse, circle

2014-11-25 05:06    By:chrisluhui      View:48      Download:0

1. linear DDA algorithm programming. 2. linear Bresenham algorithm programming. 3. the midpoint circle algorithm programming. 4. the midpoint ellipse algorithm programming. Experiment environment Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Operating system, the Qt-5.1....

Algorithm C++

computer graphics algorithms demo

2015-03-22 18:51    By:fighter      View:33      Download:0

graphics learn in the painting line, painting round, polygon, segment cropped, painting curve, this program is based on window of, painting line including DDA,Midpoint,bresenham painting line method, midpoint painting round, polygon scan line algorithm, regional fills algorithm, segment cropped Cohe...

Algorithm C++

computer graphics 3D conversion

2014-12-12 08:38    By:mxl_211314      View:40      Download:0

Using computer graphics knowledge, to give a three dimensional graph, such as translation, rotation, shear, this is code I have written, can run out of exactly the right results, and can also be applied to two-dimensional graphics in the code....

OpenGL C++

computer graphics laboratory

2014-11-23 22:22    By:2228677441      View:11      Download:0

computer graphics laboratory name: two-dimensional cartoon face of interaction design and control Purpose and requirements: based on OpenGL's line, polygon rendering algorithms, based on the cartoon character design and drawing of the mouse interaction. Color filled with anti-aliasing techniq...

opengl C++

computerInfo temperature Gets

2015-03-05 06:33    By:tonyke      View:28      Download:0

computerInfo temperature gets, immediate access to the current Board, CPU temperature, temperature data directly reads the registry, cannot be directly read the hardware....

CSharp C#

Stanford computer graphics OpenGL demo

2015-04-05 22:00    By:begabug      View:101      Download:1

This program is from Stanford University, OpenGL graphics demo program, can use the mouse to control the viewpoint of location allows you to enlarge or reduce the size of the whole image, you can display a grid for the entire three-dimensional image information...

OpenGL C

computer graphics job rotating teapots ...

2015-04-12 22:39    By:这妞脸白      View:29      Download:0

Did a teapot to achieve a teapot, rotate, Pan, color control, the change of position of the light and so on. Code inside a 3D rabbit, also rabbit auto rotation, panning, and Bunny color transformation function.                ...

Graph C++

computer graphics, color transform teapot

2014-12-16 09:44    By:kanwairen      View:44      Download:3

Here made a tea pot, achieved a teapot of color control, the change of position of the light and so on. Code also has a cube also can realize the color transformation. By controlling the up and down keys, you can also achieve the rotation function, very easy to use....

计算机图形学 C++

Dense sift code easy, computer vision

2015-04-08 11:08    By:starswei      View:126      Download:2

Dense sift points in the source code, there are very detailed notes, more suitable for beginners to understand, evenly dense sift points in one image acquisition sift points, and then using k-means clustering method to get a description of this image....

Matlab Matlab

Creating graphics with program written in WindowsForms

2015-04-07 20:16    By:dannyhurts      View:18      Download:0

VC++ in OpenGL draw robot manipulator(OpenGL - C++) - This procedure is prepared using the OpenGL dialog based ...Developed using OPEN GL based on simulation of VC++6.0 robotic arm movement program(OpenGL - Visual C++) -Original development was established in a VC++ environment v ...Map of OpenGL(Op...

Windows C++

computer Vision Applications with C#

2014-12-15 22:58    By:xcl尘土      View:19      Download:0

Moving on from Part II, this article presents a tracking algorithm. The Centroid tracker presented in Part II was not actually a tracking algorithm but a fancy trick. All the "tracker" was doing was to find the centroid of the backprojected image and put a bounding box around it - thi...

Graph C#

OA system for computer products office management

2015-03-07 23:03    By:zhouxinmin70      View:27      Download:0

GLPI 0.84.5 (Office OA) latest upgraded source code: GLPI development environment: PHP/MySQL, and can provide comprehensive IT resource management interface, you can use it to create a database, comprehensively managing IT computer, monitors, servers, copiers, networking devices, phones, toner...

DataBase PHP

graphics seed filling

2015-01-14 21:43    By:fanniao      View:18      Download:1

computer College of Inner Mongolia University, seed filling algorithm for computer graphics, using the scanline algorithm...

Algorithm C++

A vector graphics editor written in VB program

2015-04-14 22:44    By:guanlantang      View:45      Download:1

A complete open source vector drawing controls the source code, support lines, arcs, rectangles, rounded rectangles, ellipses, polygons, stars, texts and pictures, draw, and supports operations such as rotation, zoom, select, arrange, and overall features are good! Actually, with a little computer g...

Image Processing VB

Lottery machine+ electronic clock based on 51 single-chip computer

2015-03-22 13:49    By:墨禾0710      View:33      Download:0

Based on the single chip microcomputer ( AT89S52 ) As the core P0 Direct drive of Yang in the sink way digital make sync and lottery machines in a single step. In the function mode switch button, start button , stop button control under the mode of drawing, four digital display, winning numbers, and...

课程设计 C

Labview Freescale host computer

2015-04-09 09:56    By:chenjianhong      View:28      Download:0

This host computer is used by Freescale Semiconductor optoelectronics group at its ninth session on the host computer, writing software for Labview, has 10 inputs, you can manually control the number of input channels, you can observe the waveforms and easy to analyze various situations....

GUI Others

computer Algorithm Design Joseph circulation problems

2015-01-17 23:17    By:joker      View:39      Download:1

computer algorithm design code, Joseph cycle, with VC compiler can perform on a computer beside the code have my comments...

算法设计 C++

Language of MATLAB graphics

2014-11-27 11:14    By:njwhat      View:29      Download:0

Language of MATLAB graphics...

Matlab Matlab

provides computer hardware information

2014-11-19 06:44    By:nitinjoshi      View:8      Download:0

provides computer hardware information...

Windows C++

VB practical computer network management tools assistant Source

2015-01-16 03:50    By:455179157      View:19      Download:0

A convenient and fast computer network management tools and practical assistant VB source, including common system functions, IP quickly configure, violence delete, Chinese ping other common configuration features, are semi-finished bar, a little change change can be used on the project. Considering...

网络管理 VB

PLC computer programming software source code

2015-04-14 21:37    By:mathemen      View:203      Download:4

Complete prepared by VC6.0 Mitsubishi PLC computer programming software source code, as well as DebugPLCEDIT. For programmers, has very good reference value....

Embeded C++

computer in network

2014-11-25 01:01    By:amsrodrigues      View:10      Download:0

Checks whether the computer is networked....

Windows Delphi


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