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computerInfo temperature Gets

computerInfo temperature gets, immediate access to the current Board, CPU temperature, temperature data directly reads the registry, cannot be directly read the hardware....

2013-09-17 02:04

computer graphics job rotating teapots ...

Did a teapot to achieve a teapot, rotate, Pan, color control, the change of position of the light and so on. Code inside a 3D rabbit, also rabbit auto rotation, panning, and Bunny color transformation function.                ...

computer graphics laboratory

computer graphics laboratory name: two-dimensional cartoon face of interaction design and control Purpose and requirements: based on OpenGL's line, polygon rendering algorithms, based on the cartoon character design and drawing of the mouse interaction. Color filled with anti-aliasing techniq...

computer graphics algorithms demo

graphics learn in the painting line, painting round, polygon, segment cropped, painting curve, this program is based on window of, painting line including DDA,Midpoint,bresenham painting line method, midpoint painting round, polygon scan line algorithm, regional fills algorithm, segment cropped Cohe...

2013-11-25 02:21

The computer graphics line, ellipse, circle

1. linear DDA algorithm programming. 2. linear Bresenham algorithm programming. 3. the midpoint circle algorithm programming. 4. the midpoint ellipse algorithm programming. Experiment environment Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Operating system, the Qt-5.1....

computer graphics, color transform teapot

Here made a tea pot, achieved a teapot of color control, the change of position of the light and so on. Code also has a cube also can realize the color transformation. By controlling the up and down keys, you can also achieve the rotation function, very easy to use....

computer graphics

Implement source code of various computer graphics course, Bezier curves, cropping, panning for two-dimensional graphics, two-dimensional graphics scaling, rotation of two-dimensional graphics, and so on, OPENGL Pack As well as some testing procedures, will help you...

computer graphics 3D conversion

Using computer graphics knowledge, to give a three dimensional graph, such as translation, rotation, shear, this is code I have written, can run out of exactly the right results, and can also be applied to two-dimensional graphics in the code....

computer graphics basic graphics drawing lines and circle

computer graphics courses include basic graphics DDA line drawing dotted line bresenhham Circle...

2014-11-02 02:11
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