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inverse filter for image restoration

inverse image restoration, this is our course assignments. You have your filter implementation source code, you can refer to the following, is successful, the effect can also...

inverse-Wishart pdf

Provides PDF is the probability density function of the inverse Wishart distribution, this is the MATLAB does not have, is commonly used in statistics, parameter is the variable x is a p*p matrix, and d, also p*p matrix, and the degrees of freedom parameter v...

inverse of matrix by Gauss-Jordam method

Computes the inverse of a matrix. The matrix can be any order with each element being float number.  The code has methods to validate the existence of inverse....

inverse FILTER

It is used to get the restorated image out of blurred image...

inverse kinematics

inverse kinematics for 3 DOF robot manipulator from direct kinematics...

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