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project- wireless sensor network - video streaming

2015-11-04 01:52    By:rabi      View:106      Download:0

Sample Project ideas for wireless sensor network related . Video streaming /*********************  COMPONENTS *********************/ The main directories are:  1- java 2- sensors 3- dpcm_C 1- java This directory contains the 'src' subdirectory in which all the...

video C

wireless sensor networks

2015-11-26 04:39    By:shalu      View:157      Download:4

This code gives information about improving network lifetime and scalability for wireless sensor networks....

Matlab Matlab

Psedo ID changing in wireless sensor networks

2015-08-31 13:06    By:uday      View:28      Download:1

This program is used to change vehicle id during small social spots. the code has 37 wireless sensor nodes and use DES Encryption algorithm to change vehicle id's....

Linux programming Tcl/Tk

fast data collection in a tree based wireless sensor network

2015-08-21 04:25    By:kadhuravi      View:43      Download:1

We investigate the following fundamental question - how fast can information be collected from a wireless sensor network organized as tree? To address this, we explore and evaluate a number of different techniques using realistic simulation models under the many-to-one communication paradigm kn...

Java Development Java

Fault Node Recovery Algorithm for a wireless sensor network

2015-11-25 04:48    By:vineeth      View:104      Download:5

A Fault Node Recovery algorithm is used toenhance the lifetime of a wireless sensor network when some of the sensor nodesshut down, due to the energy depletion, hardwarefailures, environmental conditions etc. The algorithm is based on the grade diffusion algorithm combined withthe genetic algorithm....

Java Development Java

SPIN protocol for wireless sensor networks, implemented on NS2 language

2015-11-20 07:44    By:livelygirl711      View:269      Download:4

SPIN protocol for wireless sensor networks, implemented on NS2 language.  Source code is clear, easy to understand for beginners to work on NS2...

GUI Tcl/Tk

QualNet for wireless sensor networks

2015-09-28 00:57    By:setup      View:37      Download:0

This is QualNet scenario program for LAR with 50nodes for routingSeveral routing protocols have already been proposed for ad hoc networks. This paper suggests an approach to utilize location information (for instance, obtained using the global positioning system) to improve performance of routing pr...

Communication Visual C++


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