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Android remote Viewer source code

Android VNC into Server and Viewer. Users need to VNC Server after you install on a computer controlled Terminal, can be performed on the master side VNC Viewer control is control. VNC server and VNC Viewer supports a variety of operating systems, such as Unix and windows,Linux,MacOS series (...

Hyperspectral remote sensing image classification

Features using hyperspectral data classification using KNN algorithm (k-nearest neighbor) and classification the GDA algorithm. The main contents are as follows: Introduce two kinds of classification algorithm -- K nearest neighbor and Gauss discriminant analysis....

vfp through FastCGI WEB services

Non-original source unknown via FastCGI protocol to communicate with the server, based on vfp WEB server-side scripting. Used for small applications. Server that supports the FASTCGI Protocol can be used. Ngix....

vfp screenshot applet

The code by calling a Windows GDI function to retrieve the system paint handle to capture the screen. vfp enthusiasts hope to help....

remote code regarding porosity / permeability calculations (for continuous and discrete vegetation vegetation)

Leaf area index estimation, the code on the porosity calculated, taking into account the different crown shape (oval, conical, tapered + oval), and can estimate the leaf area index and aggregate index is based on porosity. The code contains a continuous vegetation (Beer's Law), and the case of discr...

vfp read ID information source

vfp dll the reader reads the second generation ID card information is called source code. Can be used directly, if you are using a different card reader, follow the reader secondary development kits note some modifications to the program....

vfp DLL callback function is used to write Windows Service service programs

vfp no callback function using external DLL implements a callback. Under Windows service implemented as a register, log out, run, stop this function. vfp program can also be started as a service. Sell, improper please make perfect....

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