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Cryptophone SP

2015-10-02 15:55    By:KTECH      View:40      Download:0

CryptoPhone code trunk for Windows Mobile (New Updates) Modified to build correctly; newest source code available. Can be ported to android; tested working on windows mobile 5.0 and 6.5. This code allows for secure GSM phone calls on windows mobile, AES and Twofish encryption in real t...

Windows Phone Visual C++

Slope one algorithms

2015-11-17 20:57    By:yingyan      View:37      Download:1

Slope one algorithms, implemented in Java programming language, can be used for data mining and knowledge discovery, which also provides data sets for analysis....

Algorithm Java

Clustering algorithm based on Kohonen network--a network intrusion clustering

2015-10-25 14:42    By:njwhat      View:84      Download:1

Kohonen networks are self-organizing competitive neural network a, the network for unsupervised learning network, capable of identifying environmental features and automatic clustering. Kohonen neural networks are Finland raised by University of Helsinki Professor Teuvo Kohonen, self-organization fe...

Matlab Matlab

CCsds predictive coding

2015-08-03 03:32    By:scgong      View:34      Download:2

The latest FPGA implementation of CCsds standard hyperspectral image compression algorithm, using VHDL implementation. Please refer to. Definitely good value for money, I hope to help you design!...

vhdl VHDL


2015-10-04 03:16    By:zigbee1231      View:96      Download:1

Sipdroid is a voice over IP (internet protocol, VoIP) application for the Android operating system using the Session Initiation Protocol. Sipdroid is open source free software released under the GNU General Public License....

Java Development Java

Message Iphone Theme , Android platform

2015-08-19 17:25    By:lordxlth      View:33      Download:0

Message Iphone Theme , Android platformMessage Iphone Theme , Android platformMessage Iphone Theme , Android platformMessage Iphone Theme , Android platformMessage Iphone Theme , Android platformMessage Iphone Theme , Android platformMessage Iphone Theme , Android platformMessage Iphone Theme , Andr...

Android C#

dropbox client for windows phone 8

2015-09-23 02:30    By:luckydiver      View:99      Download:0

A Windows Phone 8 application that helps youTake a pictureChoose a filenameStore it on dropbox All with minimal user interaction.Made purely for my own purposes. Code quality is pretty awful, but the thing works. If you're a MVVM nazi, this code will give you the shivers....

Windows C#


2013-11-28 04:16    By:lijunchangku      View:9      Download:0

dasasdsadsadasadsdsaadsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssdwqqqqqqqqqqeddfgdgvfdfd dfsdsssssssssss dfsfdsdfsssssssssssssssssd...

Java Development Java

Ssdsim flash memory SSD simulator

2015-06-26 06:50    By:joeyshen      View:42      Download:2

Ssdsim is an event-driven, modularly structured, and multi-tiered flash memory SSD simulator, which is capable of simulating most SSD hardware platforms, mainstream FTL schemes, allocation schemes, buffer management algorithms, and request scheduling algorithms. Ssdsim is written in C, and it h...

simulator C

sdsdcsdcdscsd sdcdscs

2015-01-15 01:36    By:maicolwwe      View:12      Download:0

asadas as jmasd as dnm as dkas dkjas d as kdask asdsdcsdmc sdkjsdjk j scj ck sdkjc sdkpc  dckjw cpjkckjwe wc ;jweck;we cknweewc...

iOS C++


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