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JAVA-based Tetris game

2015-10-21 07:42    By:ljp2668317517      View:80      Download:0

This is a JAVA-based realization of a Tetris game, scalability, and portability are good, the use of object-oriented  thinking, can learn JAVA reflection and delegate mechanism. And can automatically adapt to the screen size  depending on the computer screen....

java游戏 Java

Reaction test written in JAVAScript games

2015-05-19 10:05    By:jiaolong      View:47      Download:0

html5 + css + JAVAscript to achieve a speed game, mouse control, realized on canvas canvas coordinates  randomly generated circular bubble, from top right to bottom left of the movement, the trajectory is a  certain number of balls will be more and more , faster and faster, mou...

Java Development JavaScript

Download JAVA breakpoint

2015-05-26 00:58    By:core_j2e      View:34      Download:0

Download JAVA HTTP breakpoints, including multi-threading, breakpoint recovery, monitor the download progress and download speed....

Java Development Java

JAVA HR management system based on MVC model

2015-11-09 20:06    By:snow      View:206      Download:0

JAVA-based personnel management system MVC model, mainly the following functions 1. 2. Position Management Sector Management 3. Entry Management 4. Management 5. probation department job mobility management mobility management 6. 7. 8. Employee Turnover manage employee information center 9. report M...

Java Development JSP

Commonly used JAVA programming examples

2015-11-16 23:05    By:congxiangxiang      View:54      Download:0

JAVA good learning examples, examples include inserting records, query the database, creating and executing a thread, introduced the  JAVA application, JAVA applet are introduced, creating tables, taking the column names in the table, delete the table, delete the record change records, student...

Java Development Java

Address list using JAVA

2015-11-18 01:32    By:rxw      View:139      Download:2

Using JAVA to realize a contact list, suitable for beginners. With simple queries, insert, delete and other functions! AddressBook1.0: a command-line based, data is stored in a properties file in the config directory. stored user names and passwords, store add...

Java Development Java

JAVA Application Medicine management application

2015-10-14 10:20    By:bkiran      View:92      Download:1

This is JAVA application Medicine management  application. It is content management system...

Java Development Java

Enterprise communication system based on JAVA source code

2015-10-05 11:26    By:lnsoftware      View:77      Download:1

This is an internal communication system based on JAVA development, you can implement internal communications between staff, including email traffic and SMS traffic...

Java Development JSP

Online airline reservation systems MYSQL database based on JAVA

12 hours ago    By:lnsoftware      View:539      Download:9

Online air ticket booking system based on JAVA, is based on Mysql database and user management can be achieved, hair stations and arrival of query, order inquiry system!...

Java Development JSP


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