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Upload to upload files

2015-02-14 21:42    By:mophson      View:9      Download:0

For file upload and download Java development ideas is a simple plugin API can be called direct reference to reach the desired upload function...

Java Development Java

P-q analysis method power flow

2015-01-15 13:16    By:wulei0504      View:15      Download:0

In order to improve the speed of large scale power system load flow calculation, analysis and study of p-q analysis method power flow calculation based on the presented ideas based on p-q analysis method power flow parallel algorithm and simulation using parallel message passing interface MPI, verif...

Matlab Matlab

Optical flow using Matlab

2015-03-10 01:41    By:hesha      View:128      Download:6

opticalflow = vision.Opticalflow returns an optical flow System object, opticalflow. This object estimates the direction and speed of object motion from one image to another or from one video frame to another. opticalflow = vision.Opticalflow(Name,Value) returns an optical flow...

Matlab Matlab

loading bar flash codes

2015-02-25 07:42    By:ziweijinxing      View:33      Download:0

four pretty loading bar(fla format)...

flash ActionScript

Smart File Upload

2015-02-14 17:34    By:bhimprakashsingh      View:11      Download:0

Smart File UploadThe upload widget includes the following:File Upload interfaceIFRAME (which contains upload engine page )Upload button (that will allow user to upload file on server)Display statistics for uploading file (Filename, Status, Progress and Transferred Bytes)Grid (that will display list...


Multiple File Upload with PHP

2015-02-03 23:57    By:Deeps      View:38      Download:0

HTML Markup Take a look at the html markup bellow. We need to add a simple html form with input type file and submit property. We also need to give file input type file name with box breaks like files[] and need to add a property named multiple. Here accept is an optional property that used to al...

Image Processing PHP

Asynchronous loading of resources

2014-11-21 17:17    By:lvmengmeng      View:16      Download:0

This code is for asynchronous loading of resources, can be loaded in the background resources, improve operational efficiency. In sync when they load the game will typically use method Application.loadLevel ("yourScene"); This code executes after the completion of the program will do?? As shown in...

Windows C#

Forward Backward Sweep Algorithm For Radial distribution System

2015-03-09 10:41    By:vicky11      View:35      Download:1

The forward–backward algorithm is an inference algorithm for hidden Markov models which computes the posterior marginals of all hidden state variables given a sequence of observations/emissions , i.e. it computes, for all hidden state variable...

Matlab Matlab

flowers shopping sites

2014-12-14 01:39    By:zhuqun      View:42      Download:1

The front desk can be user registration and buying flowers online  Back-office functions are:  Published News manage advertising image upload  Product Categories partial picture upload station information management Payment & Delivery Management  Log items to add commod...

Web Framework ASP/ASPX

Pre-push flow Algorithm

2014-11-19 19:25    By:abhijeetakamble      View:18      Download:0

The push–relabel algorithm is one of the most efficient algorithms to compute a maximum flow.  The general algorithm has  time complexity, while the implementation with FIFO vertex selection rule has  running time....

Algorithm C++

SSH+JBPM workflow

2015-03-18 02:44    By:wangxiaojun      View:45      Download:1

It is suitable for use by SMEs of OA office source java version which includes the process design, form design and other functions, tasks assigned task execution flow front of the charge d'affaires and other information is very good as a secondary development...

Java Development Java

Cell Breathing Techniques for load Balancing in Wireless LANs

2015-03-28 10:22    By:ayyappasodc      View:17      Download:0

Cell Breathing Techniques for load Balancing in Wireless LANs   Abstract             Network overload is one of the key challenges in wireless LANs (WLANs). This goal is typically achieved when the load of ac...

Windows C#

Generated duoweigaosi distribution probability density function

2015-03-24 10:49    By:njwhat      View:54      Download:0

Normal distribution, also called the Gaussian distribution (Gaussian distribution), in fields such as mathematics, physics and engineering is a very important probability distributions in statistics has influence in many ways. GM is also the only method is to f (t) from negative infinity to x variab...

Matlab Matlab

power flow

2015-01-15 13:12    By:sanjiv      View:8      Download:0

The pre-outage state of a part of an interconnected power system network, where a line-l connected between bus-r and bus-s is shown in Fig. 1. Figure 2 shows the post outage state of the power system network with a line-l to be considered as out of service. The simulation of a line outage will req...

Document Matlab

Waterfalls flow Demo in the Android

2015-03-03 05:28    By:luncky      View:38      Download:0

This code is a androidgridView waterfall flow Demo, brevity code, it is easy to know how to understand, suits the beginner, there are ready-made resource, run directly to Eclipse, it is easy to know how to understand, suits the beginner, there are ready made resources directly, it is easy to know ho...

Android Java

Affine optic flow

2015-03-20 07:48    By:shmm91      View:16      Download:0

An affine (or first-order) optic flow model has 6 parameters, describing image translation, dilation, rotation and shear. The class affine_flow provides methods to estimates these parameters for two frames of an image sequence.The class implements a least-squares fit of the parameters to estimates o...

Matlab Matlab
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