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IDEA Algorithm in Python

   idea.c - C source code for IDEA block cipher.   IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithm), formerly known as   IPES (Improved Proposed Encryption Standard).   Algorithm developed by Xuejia Lai and James L. Massey, of ETH Zurich.   This implem...

data structure and Algorithm code with java implemented

This project contains various classic data structures and Algorithms, including array, BubbleSort, InsertSort, SelectionSort, Stack, LinkedList, doubly linkedlist, recursion, shellsort, quick sort, tree, hashfunction, graph and test cases. It's a very good project to start your learning of datasture...

Three common adaptive Algorithm

Three LMS Adaptive Algorithms ( minimum mean square calculation method ), SER (sequential regression Algorithms), RLS and its comparison based Algorithm is widely applied in various fields of applied signal processing...

ICP Nearest iterative Algorithm

The famous iterative nearest point Algorithm (icp) source code, in the mid-1980s, many scholars began to  point set registration data conducted extensive research. 1987, Horn [1], Arun [2], who proposed set of  points on the point set registration method using quaternion. This...

LWZ compression Algorithm

Loss less compression Algorithm, deprived from Lz78 Algorithm I've added a (hopefully pretty thorough) example of the LZ78 Algorithm. I'd be grateful if someone other than me could give it a checking-over as a safeguard - and to make sure I can add in binary :) I'm less f...

N-Queens problem, eight Queens problem, Backtracking Algorithm

Eight queens problem is a classic instance of backtracking Algorithms, the first with an international chess  master raised the question is: "In the 8 * 8 chessboard how to place eight queens so that it does not attack  each other," he says at least 87 groups put the law . By b...


Numerical calculations Algorithms: NEWTON-RAPHSON Algorithm  in Math written by Pascal To find a solution to f(x) = 0 given an   initial approximation p0:   INPUT:   initial approximation p0; tolerance TOL;         ...

SECANT Algorithm;

 Numerical calculations Algorithms: SECANT Algorithm in Math written by PascalTo find a solution to the equation f(x) = 0   given initial approximations p0 and p1:   INPUT:   initial approximations p0, p1; tolerance TOL;       &nb...

Apple effect Algorithm for noise gate

This Algorithm is a simulation Algorithm final cut pro software for Apple Noise Gate effect on the audio processing make specific flow Algorithm matlab language is written, the code is written in a file, the simulation is better....

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