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Android color picker

Because you need to use the color picker in the paint. Checked the API demo, and found ColorPickerDialog was in place, but the function quite is simple, mostly unable to select black and white. then go online to find the next, did find a few, but don't feel too good. minding my own rewritten has a...

Android WebView&&ViewFlipper

This is a demo of page switching, to achieve the effect of switching pages when you read the article ....

Android dialog box

This is a Java-language dialog box and run Android emulator ... Hope can help to friends who need to learn ......

Android Image simple effect

This Projectcan pictures change, add the color channel this example, can add yellow channel and red channel It used class 'LightingColorFilter', 'setColorFilter' and 'drawFilter'...

Android Bluetooth communication

Bluetooth communication a complete copy of the source code, contains a Bluetooth search, matching, all operations, including communications. Speaks quite detailed...

Android download thread


Android sound transmission

To convert data to sound waves, in cell a short distance transport. The sender send sound waves through the speakers and receiver with MIC receives the sound waves in the converted data....

Android practical dynamic picture display components

Component production, custom components from the SERVER to download pictures, download differ depending on the contents of the picture according to the area where cell phone users, which can distinguish between different countries and regions. Components released. Other applications can use th...

Android finance management system

Finance management project is a Android application developed for managing various finance related notifications which are shown on the status bar of the mobile. Project Overview: Android is the best mobile operating system platform for developing apps. There are many financial related apps...

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