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Delphi usb

//Descriptors for WinUSB demo for the VS1000B const u_int32 mySerialNumber = 0x0000001; const u_int16 myDeviceDescriptor [] = "\p" //Descriptor as Packed String "\x12" // Length "\x01" // Descriptor type: Device "\x10\x01" //USB Specification Release Number "\x00" // Class: Undefined "...

Delphi preparation of instrument components

Teach you how to create instances of graphics, code, projects. Very practical, is mainly about, write real-time display of curves to form, move the label component, writing instrument components for three blocks, the course also teaches how to write components based on existing components....

Delphi com port read write helper

help for com port sue Delphi, use two thread for read and write com port...

Delphi programs

Uses both AnsiToUTF8 and UTF8ToAnsi system functions used to implement the Windows systemCoding unity among Delphi and Linux systems.Note: this version of FTP to upload files to the specified server, it is sent to the specified indoor pictures, audio, video files in the "improved version-automa...

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