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Objective This lab tackles using Game API components in JavaME. It is required to write a Pac-Man Game....

androidpn-client demo

For Android push technology, with more or AndroidPn. Because of the Push server side, the pressure test. Of course, it is impossible to find thousands of mobile phones to test. So can only be simulated by the PC client side of the AndroidPN, each thread represents a AndroidPN client...

Java map using JMapViewer

This is a demo for JMapViewer, import JMapViewer will fix independency error. It shows how to use JMapViewer to show open street map in your desktop application!...

Java games

Write your own Java licensing, usually small operations, can be a practiced hand, computer automatic licensing function, 52 cards, specify color, for your reference....


Some examples about Java language.  1. ax + b = c 2. ax2 + bx + c = 0 3. a1x1 + b1X2 = c1     a2x1 + b2x2 = c2 4. a1x1 + b1x2 + c1x3 = d1     a2x1 + b2x2 + c2x3 = d2     a3x1 + b3x2 + c3x3 = d13...

Java implementation of genetic algorithm

Java implementation of a simple genetic algorithm to achieve selection, reproduction, crossover and point mutation, and can be entered from the command line parameters, genotype are represented by array...

Java hotel management

3 Features overview 1. 1 Individual billing Complete billing tasks fit. Can add up to five rooms of the same type. 3.2 Group billing Complete billing tasks for group guests. There is no limit to the number of rooms, can append different types of rooms. 3.3 Gues...

Java program to find the sum of Left and right Diagonal Elements

This is a Java program to find the sum of Left and right Diagonal Elements. This project helps students and instructors in the computing field with matrix manipulation....

Java LAN version of Chinese chess

The project includes client and server, the client can be linked via ip address to the server, enabling two clients chess battle!...

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