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OpenGL implementation model display and operation

Display of three dimensional model through OpenGL, supports zoom, rotate lamp operation!! Mode of operation is as follows: Move: press and hold the left mouse button to move it. Zoom in: press the keyboard s Zoom out: press w Rotate: press the ↑ or ↓ keys the keyboard (rotation aro...

3D shooter game implementation of OpenGL

Is an OpenGL-based 3D shooter game, similar to cs. mainly used in computer graphics, c++, OpenGL knowledge and documentation. Programs need to do a bit of configuration to run China's undergraduate computer science students may take a week's time to get the program up and running...

OpenGL implementation being in a 3D scene

OpenGL is the industry's most widely accepted in the field 2D/3D graphics API.   In this program, you can drag the mouse, rotate, just like in a 3D scene. After simple maps, along with the mouse operation, producing stunning effects....

Ball OpenGL programming examples

This is a program written in VC6.0 using OpenGL environment and related functions, writing is a sphere, can rotate 360 degrees with the mouse and shows good OpenGL implementation methods and functions...

OpenGL 3-axis robots to complete programs

OpenGL 3-axis robot Jacobian calculation of inverse kinematics for beginners! Hope to be useful, where there are wrong, please forgive me! Full source code and can confidently read!...

OpenGLMFC players

Using MFC framework to achieve the OpenGL player...

OpenGL sample programs

This procedure press the a and r to switch the keyboard effects used to test depthOpenGL (Open Graphics Library written) is the definition of a programming language, cross-platform programming interface specification, it used a three-dimensional image (two-dimensional). OpenGL is a professional grap...

OpenGL Fireworks particle system

OpenGL Fireworks particle system simulation is mainly used for Fireworks, for OpenGL C++ beginners of particle systems, where there is a very good application, can also be used as a new card or a meaningful gift, to send people. I hope you enjoyed and learned from what they want....

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