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Python Cookbook 第二版 Python Cookbook 第二版

Python Cookbook 2nd Edition Python Cookbook 2nd Edition Python Cookbook 2nd Edition...


Python use lzo compression algorithm can achieve lzo algorithm Python compression, data compression for memory, etc....

Python 编程规范 Python 编程规范 Python 编程规范

Python Programming Python Programming norms norms norms Python Programming... Web framework for efficient

Webpy  by Daniel warts develop Python web framework support for FCGI SCGI WSGI HTTP server interfaces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

recommendation k-means

Recommend system based on user, using Python characteristics of the succinct, using k-nearest neighbor algorithm, user recommendation, compressed packages contain code and data....

mpi4py example of parallel successive over-relaxation

This is example how to solve  linear system of equations with the successive over-relaxation (SOR) method,  using Python library mpi4py. Algorithm try to divide computations between nodes equally. This program can  be run on clusters. ...

Multithreaded GUI interface control output

Python threads complaint as we all know, that there was no real sense of the multiple programs concurrently. However multithreaded GUI procedure had to be, because some operations are always very time consuming and without threads, then the GUI will be in a State of suspended animation, the user exp...

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