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library ieee; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; use ieee.std_logic_unsigned.all; entity song is    port(clk_4MHz,clk_4Hz:in std_logic;      ----预置计数器和乐谱产生器的时钟        ...


This Code contains very interesting implementation of IDEA Cryptography  using VHDL using Xilinx tools ! hope you can customize and use the job for your own personal use ! Stay Connected and feel relax to ask questions ...

VHDL adder

Our project is based on automating the atm card security  and security operations involved in anorganization. Earlier, there was the conventional swiping system using bar codereaders. Now, it can be carried using non-contact devices, with the help ofRadio Frequency Identification (RFID). RFID c...

Marquee VHDL programs

Marquee (LED dynamic flashing lights, used to produce specific signal 01010111 single LED light, try to modify the paomadeng procedure is completed), the digital display (for example, in three digital tube display of "SOS"), buzzer, LED dot matrix display program, now integrated as follows...

Advanced turbo decoder using VHDL

In information theory, turbo codes (originally in French Turbocodes) are a class of high-performance forward error correction (FEC) codes developed in 1993, which were the first practical codes to closely approach the channel capacity, a theoretical maximum for the code rate at which reliable commun...

Digital clock using VHDL language design

Digital clock using VHDL language design, requires the design and implementation of a digital clock with preset numbers, has functions that displays minutes and seconds year month day. With 6 a digital tube displayed Shi seconds, set button produced first a pulse Shi, displayed switch years day, 2nd...

gate nand with VHDL

this program show how its the logic gate in the case its the gate nand, whats its nand its the combine two gates one and and on not....

VHDL_FFT 8-bit

8-bit for the Fourier transform, VHDL realization algorithm to verify possible! Using base 2 kulituji algorithm...

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