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java registration form

it is a java program with deals with login....if the username is valid its gets enter or an error msg indication...

java realization OA

java OA,Spring MVC framework, enterprise application based on the General level of project development, also includes mobile phone application development, but currently not implemented....

java admin interface

java management interface java management java management interface java management java management interface...

java games

Write your own java licensing, usually small operations, can be a practiced hand, computer automatic licensing function, 52 cards, specify color, for your reference....


Some examples about java language.  1. ax + b = c 2. ax2 + bx + c = 0 3. a1x1 + b1X2 = c1     a2x1 + b2x2 = c2 4. a1x1 + b1x2 + c1x3 = d1     a2x1 + b2x2 + c2x3 = d2     a3x1 + b3x2 + c3x3 = d13...

java excle print

/* * Created on 2006-11-17 * * TODO To change the template for this generated file go to * Window - Preferences - java - Code Style - Code Templates */ package cn.xlrj.dl.prodt.dd; import; import; import; import cn...

java implementation of genetic algorithm

java implementation of a simple genetic algorithm to achieve selection, reproduction, crossover and point mutation, and can be entered from the command line parameters, genotype are represented by array...

java ast printer

java ast printer is not difficult ^_________^ using eclipse please...

java Hession implementation demo

Hessian Remoting onhttp tool is a lightweight, RMI functionality is provided using a simple method.  WebService in comparison, Hessian easier and faster. Using a binary RPC Protocol, because it uses a binary protocol, so it is suitable for  sending binary data....

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