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Picturebox with scroller

This example shows you how you can add scrollbars to a picturebox in VB6. This is an alternative way to pozitioning the picture! More and more way have to move image! And some modes are simplier than this one!...

Getting started with matlab

This file describes the basic of matlab. Some of the commands are executed. Under each tool some commands r executed. Surely it will be useful. It is given very understandable...

Imperialist Competitive Algorithm with kmeans clustring

This is the code of clustring datas in Imperialist Competitive Algorithm with kmeans clustring. ...

Pretty Hover Effects with CSS3 and jQuery

Pretty Hover Effects with CSS3 and jQuery  Hover your cursor in each image below. Note that if you're using IE - you're not seeing the rest of the styles due to lack of CSS3 property support....

ofdm generation without noise

This code helps in generating a full ofdm chain transmission and reception without noise,  adding a cylic prefix, this signal can be later synchronized using blind or semi blind synchronization...

reverse stack without recursion

it is very difficult for us to write complex programs in c. so here i completed the coding to reverse stack without recursion...

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