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<font color=red>chinesefont> word segmentation

The source code is good for <font color=red>chinesefont> word processing, is studying such areas as classification, data mining, text corpora pre-processing friends there will definitely be a lot of help and hoping friends when you use this code, don't forget to turn on your own forum for good code to Oh! So we can lear...

lcd NOKIA 5110 interface using PIC

My project is about interfacing with lcd Nokia 5110 using PIC .  Note that : About contrast , lcd nokia 5110 support contrast by programming in Vop and Bias , beside you also can contrast by control power supply through variable resistor...

lcd display with MSP430g2553

It is an lcd display program for launchpad to send character with all 8 parallel wire connected with lcd and highly appreciable with MSP430 its code is easy and working....

Adjustable diffuse light wave illumination model

After the action method runs. Is characterized by diffuse light to change when the program is run with the color component values to obtain a different light source color, thereby directly observed effects. This is a Frank d. Luna's Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0c----a Shader e...

lcd dipsplay,pic 16f877a

RS RD6,  EN RD7, DATA PORTB assign the lcd port to this pin with pic 16f877a directly i will run with this code, you can easily develop your one lcd interface control to see the various control parameter,,,,, ...

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