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stochastic_opt by matlab

2015-03-05 23:13    By:luocen      View:36      Download:0

%J.C. Spall, Jan. 2000 %This code implements SPSA with constraints for theta to lie in %a specified hypercube. %code includes more "bells and whistles" than required for basic SPSA (as %available at the SPSA web site and code 'spsa_basic_constrained'). %code includes loss-based and theta-based...

Matlab Matlab


2015-03-29 17:54    By:zongganhuo      View:95      Download:2

GPS tracking matlab simulation software to receive a code good utility code An algorithm for simulation...

Matlab Scratch

matlab wireless cooperative communication

2015-03-22 01:29    By:xiaotong      View:69      Download:1

This code is written in matlab program, mainly on the relay node selection algorithm, by simulating various algorithms to analyze their performance, you can study as a basis for the code....

Matlab Matlab

matlab GUI scientific calculator source code

2015-03-29 07:04    By:wendylww      View:153      Download:1

Written using matlab GUI scientific calculator, hexadecimal conversion can be realized, can calculate mean, variance, matlab does not apply to product release, but Read getting started with matlab GUI design of this code can be faster, here are some programs %% Arithmetic expressions a...

Matlab Matlab

Some matlab programming codes

2015-03-14 02:28    By:SoloJia      View:63      Download:0

I have written some code. Share with everyone and hope we all share some of the code provides. I am novice matlab, there may be some errors, I hope will forgive me, I hope to communicate their views. We can actively Exchange, thank you....

Matlab Matlab

Leach-matlab source code absolutely can!

2015-03-28 15:29    By:a3031188      View:79      Download:0

Agreement on the Internet leach matlab source code is modified so that it can clearly get results and data....

Matlab Matlab

translation c to matlab (concept code)

2014-11-18 15:41    By:chs      View:9      Download:0

using, simple regular expression limited support for translating c code to matlab code....

Matlab Matlab

ABC Algorithms matlab

7 hours ago    By:njamras      View:177      Download:0

ABC Algorithms matlab with GUI Testing with many of banch mark fuctions. Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) Algorithm Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) is one of the most recently defined algorithms by Dervis Karaboga in 2005, motivated by the intelligent behavior of honey bees. It is as simple as Particle Swarm...

Matlab Matlab

code watermarking dct-svd using matlab

2015-03-27 09:51    By:basz      View:162      Download:4

This is code matlab for watermarking using combining discrete cosine transform and singular value decomposition, so text, file or image, embedding to digital image using dct-svd, and then extract using dct-svd too...

Matlab Matlab

BP neural network matlab source code

2015-03-27 03:53    By:guoyanmm      View:98      Download:1

BP neural network for nonlinear systems modeling: a nonlinear fitting function using matlab to write code for BP neural network...

Matlab Matlab

FEM code written by matlab

2015-03-10 01:18    By:Hongying      View:56      Download:2

This is code written in matlab, and mainly deal with the mechanics problem of rectangular subjects to forces, then using the FEM method to solve the stress, strain and displacement of each nodes....

Matlab Matlab

matlab training program (synthesis)

2015-03-09 10:16    By:njwhat      View:103      Download:0

matlab training program (synthesis) classic paper on texture synthesis should be TextureSynthesis by Non-parametric Sampling of the Efros essay, citations nearly 2000. The synthesis here is based on a sample of, is to have a small image, and then one big. My personal understanding is that generate a...

Matlab Matlab

Fuzzy k-means algorithm and matlab realization

2015-03-10 01:21    By:njwhat      View:76      Download:0

Fuzzy k-means algorithm derived from the k-means algorithm. In the course of k-means algorithm for clustering, the result may not be the expected result, but the boundaries of the category is clear, of cluster centers under the current modified sample. Fuzzy k-means algorithm for clustering in the p...

Matlab Matlab

[Tutorial] the "original" confidence using matlab

2014-11-12 08:15    By:njwhat      View:17      Download:0

Statistics will always be seeking confidence intervals, confidence regions (such as confidence ellipses, confidence ellipsoid), sometimes need to draw confidence regions, so look see more intuitive, self function is called ConfidenceRegion with specific cases described below draw confidence regions....

Matlab Matlab

Financial quantitative analysis based on matlab programming (3rd Edition)

2015-03-29 09:24    By:njwhat      View:124      Download:1

"Financial quantitative analysis - based on matlab Programming (3rd Edition)," a book of case are derived from the author's actual work, and fully reflects the "case of practicality, the program replicability" program with detailed Notes. For example, portfolio management, KMV mo...

Matlab Matlab
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