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Snake with swing gui (made with mvc pattern)

This snake version is very good thanks to the swing implementation and thanks to the way it has been designed. It has been designed has a good programmer should do, that is: using mvc pattern, an excelent pattern which allows to have a very flexible, reusable and decoupled code, three fundamen...


control mppt photovoltaic battery soc voltage current dc bus pannel dc-dc converter pwm pid emi filter...

Address Book with C#

with this program you can create an advanced telephone address book which enables you to manage your contacts...

supermarket software with barcode and inventory billing

with the help of this ASP article, you will learn the steps needed to output the source code of a file on ASP pages. And through the small coding snippet, the author explains how to use this FSO object and describes how it works to output the......

php grid with export Option

this is the code for php grid with all Option like sorting,filtering,export to XL and editing.ApPHP DataGrid script is a simple, innovative and powerful tool for generating data-bound grid control. It was specially designed for web developers. The ApPHP DataGrid is excellent for all PHP database-dri...

ASP Shopping site with Admin Option

ASP Shopping site with Admin Option. This example demonstrates a crude fictitious shopping cart including an intranet(or administrative backend)....

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