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image processing

2014-12-11 00:08    By:xinyueliu      View:21      Download:0

image processing image processing image processing image processing image processing image processing image processing image processing image processing image processing image processing image processing...

Image Processing C++

image processing

2014-11-24 08:27    By:leonbbbbbb      View:10      Download:0

Provides the image histogram equalization, Robert, Sobel, Prewitt, Kirsch, edge detection arithmetic, Gauss and other methods of median filter, the two-dimensional FFT transform and DCT transform, image rotation inversion, some basic image template transform and point transformation function. Curren...

Image Processing C++

SIFT on images

2015-03-19 14:59    By:kalmah.kalmah      View:14      Download:0

Objective Detection of keypoints from an image and comparasion of two images based on SIFT (Scale Invariant Feature Transform) descriptors Introduction Recent research has revealed that keypoint-based descriptors are very effective to characterize both individual objects and entire...

Image Processing C++


2015-01-02 11:28    By:dona      View:31      Download:0

Aim: To write MATLAB function forhistogram equalisation of an image using MATLAB function and without using MATLAB function Theory: The histogram of an image is a plot of the number of occurrences of gray levels in the image against the gray- level values. Histogram equalization is a method in...

Image Processing Matlab

Template matching recognition and projection image

47 minutes ago    By:gengshuze      View:64      Download:1

Template matching works just like histogram back-projection, roughly like this: through the slide image on the input image to match the actual image and input images. Suppose we have a 100x100 of the input image, there is a 10x10 template image, lookup process is like this: (1) from the upper-left...

Image Processing Borland C++ Builder

efficient hybrid pso-svm image classification

2014-11-19 20:30    By:manu      View:7      Download:0

PN and GOLD MATLAB program(Matlab - Matlab) - this zipped file contains PN and GOLD for MATLAB program, wh... Gonzalez, image processing MATLAB programs(Matlab - Others) - Procedure code description P0201:MATLAB assigned F ... Forward difference scheme for...

Image Processing Matlab

Use VC++ for image processing

2015-02-18 08:06    By:echo      View:21      Download:0

AV I file by using Visual C++ image capture AV I file is what we call multimedia files, called AV I image is the video image, which is a RIFF description file, which is used to capture, editing, presentation audio, video sequences. AV I file contains audio and Streaming video, sometimes special A...

Image Processing Visual C++

Digital image processing source code

2015-03-02 20:06    By:banma123      View:11      Download:0

Source description: And source characteristics Using WinForm development, upload, save, Second, the function The source is a digital picture processing source code, you can upload a picture, save picture, close the program Third, the menu function 1, click Open, by routing the picture to go to...

Image Processing C#

Global motion estimation based on image block

2015-02-23 03:34    By:荣誉妍      View:16      Download:0

Global motion estimation algorithm based on image blocks using full search algorithm, three-step global motion estimation search method, estimation was given a variety of vector images, over compensation after the image, and gives the original frame-difference between two images with the compensatio...

Image Processing Matlab

java client server project written in java with image processing functions and parallel programming speed up

2014-12-12 19:22    By:zhaoyangbt110      View:19      Download:0

java client server porject with image processing, written in java. By jasonstack from singapore. java client server porject with image processing, written in java. By jasonstack from singapore. java client server porject with image processing, written in java. By jasonstack from singapore....

Image Processing Java

Contrast Enhancement of an image

2015-03-27 11:17    By:dona      View:23      Download:1

CONTRAST ENHANCEMENT Contrast enhancement is done by scaling all the pixels of the image by a constant k.It is given by g[m,n]=f[m,n]*k changing the contrast of an image , changes the range of luminance values present in the image. Specifying a value above 1 will increase the contrast by making...

Image Processing Matlab

image segmentation

2014-12-07 06:19    By:arin89d      View:9      Download:1

In this code the tumor part growing in the brain is segmented . It deals with dicom images and there is a set of 40 dicom images which is loaded into the code one by one and segmentation is done. firstly few adjustments are done by enhancing the image by adding some contrast and brightness. then the...

Image Processing Matlab


2015-03-27 22:55    By:rico      View:1113      Download:4

  Advancement of data communication making security and confidentiality of the information to be very important. Confidential information is vulnerable to be stolen by unauthorized person. Data security can be done by applying cryptography and steganography techniques. Cryptography is the s...

Image Processing Matlab

DirectShow monitored video image display

2015-03-16 20:57    By:agwef      View:46      Download:0

DirectShow monitored video image display monitor USB camera is output to the screen DirectShow monitored video image display monitoring monitoring of USB cameras to the screen DirectShow DirectShow monitor USB camera output video image display to screen monitor display monitor USB camera outp...

Image Processing C++

image gradient sharpening

2015-01-12 03:23    By:ch598      View:29      Download:0

Gradient sharpening and Laplacian sharpening. But due to the sharpening noise is strongly enhanced than the signals, so require sharpening images have a higher signal to noise ratio, otherwise, after sharpening the image signal to noise ratio lower. Neighborhood average or weighted average method ca...

Image Processing C++

Digital image processing, Matlab GUI

2015-03-20 22:17    By:1010540672      View:81      Download:2

Draw a histogram, histogram specification and implement histogram equalization, Gray image contrast enhancement, 图 像 Geometric transformation, images plus noise reduction (using input parameters controlling different noise), and then use the spatial and frequency domain filtering. Using M...

Image Processing COBOL
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