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image filtering algorithm, hoping to give reference

A dozen kinds of image filtering algorithm MATLAB, a lot of effort to find, hoping to give the reference...

image rotation MATLAB programs

The rotation of the image, where you can change the angle, but did not establish their own coordinate system, but using MATLAB's default coordinate system....

image classification

The source code is used for image classification is done by himself, mainly adopted many sample combination of learning methods and typical texture description operator, after the experiment proved that this method has very good classification effect...

image processing

VS2005 development platforms, various algorithms for image enhancement, including linear and non-linear (exponential, logarithmic transform) transformation and a variety of low-pass filter, high pass filter....

images plus noise c

Use of the c language to add noise to an image (salt and pepper noise), as well as on the image edge extraction, detection....

image evaluation (mean, standard deviation, clarity, information entropy)

image review (standard deviation of the mean value, clarity, information entropy,)...

image processing with Borland c++ builder

these code do some operation like image denoising and high-pass-filter. each image download with format BMP, can be transformed to balck or white. and you can save the picture resultats to file bmp format....

image compression using dct

clc; clear all; close all I = imread('55.jpg') % if(size(I,3)      I=rgb2gray(I); % end I = im2double(I); T = dctmtx(8); dct = @(x)T * x * T'; B = blkproc(I,[8 8],dct); mask = [1   1   1   1   0   0   0 &...

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