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vga controller

This is verilog code of vga controller, for using fpga DE-70 altera and use quartus, This process describes the operation of the horizontal pixel counter. The counter is synchronously set to zero when the fpga_reset_n is applied. The counter increments on the rising edge of each pixel clock...

this matlab code provide PID controller for a robot

this matlab code provide PID controller for a robot. run it just by robot.m. The cinematic of robot is described in cinematic.m;...

A micro-Genetic Algorithm for Multiobjective Optimization

based on A micro-Genetic Algorithm for Multiobjective Optimization  paper developed by Gregorio Toscano Pulido .a multiobjective optimization approach based on a micro genetic algorithm (micro-GA) which is a genetic algorithm with a very small population (four individuals were used in our exper...

2014-05-28 10:37

framework of socket connection

The framework is base on linux syscall epoll and leader follower thread module. It is convenience and quickly to implement business code and don't need to concern about socket connection. The default communication protocol is http, but you can reimplement protocol by yourself....

Optimum Design of PID controller in AVR System Using Particle Swarm Optimization

In this project you can find optimal coefficient for PID-controller AVR system by using particle swarm optimization algorithm...

2014-08-14 11:30

ddr3 sdram controller

This is the verilog code for DDR3 SDRAM controller. Welcome to download and use. Thank you for your support!!!...

2014-08-13 11:30

Project: Elevator controller

Your task is to design a sophisticated elevator controller for a single “conventional”  elevator (i.e., simple up/down buttons to call the elevator) operating in a four-floor  building. The specification for the basic single elevator design is described in the  sections below.&...

2014-09-08 06:01

Sdpo SerialPort for connection Weighing Machine

Sdpo units are licensed under a modified LGPL license. Sdpo SerialPort use to connection SerialPort Device that convert to USB connector. With Lazarus IDE, i modified source serialport example with my algorithm....

2014-10-27 23:53
by dkey

Generic VGA Timing controller

This is a generic VGA Timing controller code which directly generates the HSync, VSync and HCount, VCount signals....

antiwindup pid controller

this pid blok uses for overcome to settling time delay and overshoot This block demonstrates the use of an anti-windup PID controller.Kp, Ti and Td values must be defined in the MATLAB Workspace.The derivative filter can be changed as wished.The saturation values must be defined as well in its...

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