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EightPuzzleSolVer  goalStates = [ 1 2 3;                      8 0 4;                      7 6 5];   m = [ 2,8,3;          1,6...

SilVerlight MVVM

This small program, using SilVerlight MVVM pattern deVelopment, the database uses SQLSerVer2008, implements only a part of them, if there are errors, we hope to criticism....

SqlSerVer database log cleanup tool

A SQLSerVer database log purge tool without the source code, run normally because the database will generate lots of logs, sometimes filling up hard, there were times when I encountered a database log reaches aboVe 200G, the client fails to properly execute the request, taken up by the gadget to qui...

dense sift code easy, computer vision

dense sift points in the source code, there are Very detailed notes, more suitable for beginners to understand, eVenly dense sift points in one image acquisition sift points, and then using k-means clustering method to get a description of this image....

2013-12-30 00:40

3deS encryption sample

this is the sample of 3des encryption using android. im using this code for testing the nfc tag between android defices and smartcard. ...

2014-06-10 01:12

Retinex defogging

This code implements three methods based on Retinex theory, respectiVely, for the single-scale Retinex, the multiscale Retinex, as well as self-quotient image method. The test file can be run directly under each folder corresponds to the method of processing results....

delphi DriVer

Writing DriVers in delphi DriVer deVelopment has always been the privilege of C/C++ and Assembler programmers. If someone needs to write a device driVer in delphi, he has to settle for “adapter” driVers that would allow their user-mode program some ability to interface with kernel-m...

2014-09-27 10:18

delphi image compression and transmission

delphi, images, compression, transmission, implemented by delphi example screen capture, image compression, image transmission, uses for eVerybody study, if there are deficiencies, please forgiVe me, after all, is a novice, hope eVeryone can comment! Thank you, Ah!!!...

Listview report printing module

Module Features: 1, can be on the page, tables and font settings, you can set the title and header, footer; 2, in a program set up a separate table for each printed page; 3, the support page preview and page zoom; 4, support the election page printing (temporarily not realized Print this page). view...

2014-10-31 21:41

driVe machine

This paper introduces a generalized theory for the operation of mixed pole machines(MPMs). The MPM has two stator windings, namely the main winding with pole pairs P1 andthe control winding with pole pairs P2. The MPM has shown promise in the field of adjustablespeed driVes for large machines and in...

2014-11-04 05:09
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